Date posted: 27/09/2023 3 min read

Celebrate #AuditorProud

#AuditorProud takes place on the last Thursday of September, recognising auditors and the importance of their role over the past year.

In Brief

  • Celebrate #AuditorProud on Thursday 28 September 2023
  • Visit the Audit and Assurance My CA community for exclusive member resources
  • Share your #AuditorProud posts on social media with our exclusive member graphics and tag Chartered Accountants ANZ


This year, #AuditorProud Day seeks to shine a light on the pivotal role that audit has in upholding trust and confidence in capital markets and economies.

The corporate reporting landscape continues to undergo transformation, marked by the rise of digital reporting, and the introduction of sustainability reporting standards. There is an increased emphasis on audit quality and transparency, but challenges persist in attracting and retaining staff in the audit profession. In a world of increasing misinformation and disinformation the work of auditors is becoming more important than ever, and auditors have responded by demonstrating resilience, adaptability, trustworthiness, collaboration, and creativity. These qualities make CAs who work in audit real Difference Makers.

The fourth annual CA ANZ retail investor confidence survey shows that confidence in audited financial reports has remained solid, and auditors remain the most trusted intermediary when it comes to protecting investors' interests. Despite the crucial role of auditing in reinforcing integrity and facilitating access to reliable information, there remains a lack of understanding regarding auditors and audit. To address this knowledge gap, CA ANZ is set to release a guide; Understanding Audit, aimed at bridging the information divide. Stay tuned for updates regarding the guide's release in the upcoming weeks.

How you can join in the celebration

The difference auditors make is profound. Show your support for auditors and celebrate resilience during these extraordinary moments in life.

  • Celebrate the value of the audit profession on Thursday 28 September 2023
  • Auditors, share your stories of how you have made a difference by helping clients and the business community
  • Join the Audit & Assurance Community on My CA to access member resources and connect with your fellow CAs
  • Have an online celebration and share a screen shot of the whole team to your company social media pages

Celebrating #AuditorProud on Social Media

Auditors around the world can share their pride in their work by using hashtag #AuditorProud on social media. You can join in the celebrations and start posting today.

If you use hashtags #AuditorProud, #CAANZ, #DifferenceMakers, or @tag the Chartered Accountants ANZ profiles, we may feature your posts on CA ANZ’s social media posts, stories, videos or website to highlight members celebrating #AuditorProud Day.

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