Date posted: 06/09/2022 3 min read

Celebrate #AuditorProud

#AuditorProud takes place on the last Thursday of September, recognising auditors and the importance of their role over the past year.

In Brief

  • Celebrate #AuditorProud on Thursday 29 September 2022
  • Visit the Audit and Assurance My CA community for exclusive member resources
  • Share your #AuditorProud posts on social media and tag Chartered Accountants ANZ

This year #AuditorProud celebrates the pivotal role auditors and assurance play in sustainability. The world has demanded accountability and transparency when it comes to business impacts on climate, social well-being, nature and beyond, resulting in major global action toward the new International Sustainability Standards Board.

Auditors bring the assurance frameworks, depth, skills, and training needed for there to be integrity and meaning in sustainability reporting, working together with multidisciplinary teams across a range of expert fields.

“There is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for audit firms to put down a marker and make sustainability assurance their domain.”
Ainslie Van Onselen CA ANZ CEO

The work auditors do is becoming more important than ever and has demonstrated resilience, adaptability, trustworthiness, collaboration, and creativity. These qualities make CA’s in audit real Difference Makers.

Sustainability Assurance Playbook now available

A new CA ANZ publication has been released to help small to medium practitioners embrace sustainability assurance

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How you can join in

The difference auditors make is profound. Show your support for auditors and celebrate resilience during these extraordinary moments in life.

  • Celebrate the value of the audit profession's response to COVID-19 globally on Thursday 29 September 2022
  • Auditors, share your stories of how you have responded to the new normal by helping clients and the business community
  • Visit the Audit and Assurance My CA community for exclusive member content and tips on how to celebrate
  • Have an online celebration and share a screen shot of the whole team to your company social media pages
  • Start or join a conversation in your Regional Members Facebook Group or in My CA sharing your Audit and Sustainability stories

Celebrating #AuditorProud on Social Media

Auditors around the world can share their pride in their work by using hashtag #AuditorProud on social media. You can join in the celebrations and start posting today.

If you use hashtags #AuditorProud, #CAANZ, #DifferenceMakers, or @tag the Chartered Accountants ANZ profiles, we may feature your posts on CA ANZ’s social media posts, stories, videos or website to highlight members celebrating #AuditorProud Day.

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