Date posted: 6/09/2017 3 min read

Let’s celebrate #AuditorProud

28 September is #AuditorProud Day – a time to celebrate the value of the audit profession around the globe.

In Brief

  • 28 September 2017 is international #AuditorProud Day
  • It’s an opportunity to celebrate the value of the audit profession globally
  • Let’s help clients and the business community appreciate the true value of audit.

At Chartered Accountants ANZ we are #AuditorProud today and every day, and 28 September 2017 marks a special date on the calendar - an opportunity for all of us in the profession to share that pride.

2017 is the third year that Chartered Accountants ANZ has been participating in #AuditorProud, a worldwide initiative of the Center for Audit Quality (CAQ) in the US.  

Auditors and their clients around the globe will be celebrating #AuditorProud Day in a salute to the valuable work undertaken by auditors, and to offer positive reinforcement to those considering a career as an auditor.

Plenty to celebrate

Auditors are often regarded as the quiet achievers of the commercial world, habitually working behind the scenes away from the spotlight.

But the difference auditors make is profound.

Quite simply, the economy depends on auditors to build trust in investment markets and companies. Businesses of all levels rely on auditors to deal confidently with trade and supply channels.

In fact, it’s fair to say auditors create the confidence needed to make key decisions – on a personal, corporate and national level.

Let’s make some noise about #AuditorProud

With 28 September fast approaching, now is the time to plan how you will celebrate #AuditorProud.

Chartered Accountants ANZ is encouraging you to share your stories of why you joined, or plan to join, the audit profession.

We’ll be sharing views and insights across the full spectrum of those impacted by audit, from academics, student groups and users of audit reports right through to regulators, to highlight the importance of audit and its value to the economy. 

Follow our celebrations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and discover why CAs choose a career in auditing, what they find most rewarding about the profession, and what makes them proud to be an auditor.

Circle 28 September on the calendar and prepare your plans to celebrate #AuditorProud


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