Presentation for high school students

Designed to help members talk about the opportunities a career in accounting can offer.

Chartered Accountants often get asked to talk about what they do. Whether it’s at their children’s schools, or by a family member, friend or neighbour.

To help members talk about what they do, we have produced a presentation for audiences in high school (from Year 9) in Australia and New Zealand. The presentation is an aid that members can use when presenting to a high school audience and covers:

  • being an accountant including where you can work and what you would do
  • the breadth of roles accountants hold and the variety of industries they work in
  • common misconceptions around accounting
  • how to become a Chartered Accountant
  • resources for students to see where accounting could take them.

It incorporates interactive elements such as a quiz, stories from other CAs and opportunities to ask questions.

This outreach to students – the CAs of the future – allows our members to show that accounting is more than number sand the key to a world of possibilities. It is being a business advisor, working in a broad range of industries and can involve activity that is as varied as flying a drone or aiding a criminal investigation.

This is an important tool to boost the perception of accounting and empower young people to discover their passion and purpose within the profession.

Resources: Career cards

A set of cards to support your presentation, aimed at assisting students in exploring a wide range of interesting career opportunities that can help them pursue their passions.

Download NowAbout Resources: Career cards

Help students achieve their career goals

CA ANZ offer a student membership that can be shared with high school students. Signing up gives students access to internships, networking events and tailored monthly newsletters to support their career aspirations for an epic future.

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