Everybody Counts

A programme that is making a difference in our communities

In brief

  • The Everybody Counts Programme promotes social responsibility
  • We have raised $295,982 for our charity partners since relaunching in 2015
  • We are passionate about supporting our charity partners financially and practically

How does it work?

Everybody Counts promotes social responsibility by making it easy for our people to put values into action. It’s about giving back to the wider community and supporting selected charity partners financially and practically by giving funds, skills and resources. We do this through payroll giving, fundraising, volunteering (skilled and unskilled), business donation matching to a predetermined limit, and in-kind use of our meeting room facilities.

Everybody Counts was launched in Australia in 2006 and by financial year end in June 2015 we had raised over $400,000 for our charity partners. The program was refreshed in 2015, relaunched in Australia and launched in New Zealand. The adoption of the Everybody Counts Programme by our people in New Zealand has been fantastic and since then we have raised $295,982 for our charity partners in both countries. 

How our members give back

Learn about the contribution of Chartered Accountants ANZ members to the Charitable and Not-for-Profit sector.

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How can I get involved?

You can participate by introducing the programme to your business and attending member fundraising events. Or you can offer goods and services that support our fundraising activities. This could be anything from items for gift bags to organising raffles and charity auctions.

Our partners

Our people are passionate about supporting charities that inspire lifelong learning, helping children at risk, improving animal welfare, and supporting people living with mental illness and cancer. That's why we've partnered with:

  • Autism NZ
  • Dementia Australia 
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation 
  • Cancer Society 
  • ReachOut Australia
  • Youthline Charitable Trust
  • SPCA
  • The Smith Family

Need more info?

If you want to know more about our programme you can contact Pamela Lee FCA, Community Investment relationship Manager.

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