Our Royal Charter

Formally recognising accounting as a respected profession

In Brief

  • Our Royal Charter contains the principal purpose and relevance of our association for the accountancy profession
  • By-Laws and Regulations are based on the contents of the Charter
  • It’s a formal recognition of the respected status of CA ANZ and its history

Reputation and recognition

Many of our members are regarded by their peers as highly skilled business advisers. A core benefit of membership with a reputable body such as CA ANZ is that you have a professional framework that underpins community trust, respect and recognition of your profession.

As a member you have obligations to the public, your clients and your fellow members to maintain the status of the profession.

Your responsibilities are established under the Royal Charter, By-Laws and Regulations. These are also reflective of the laws in the country you work in, national and international professional and accountancy standards, in particular those set by the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board (APESB).

The laws and regulations of where you live may also limit the degree to which you must comply with APESB standards. There may also be express rules and laws which affect your practice depending on where you live.

Our reason for being

Our Royal Charter is the document that formally establishes Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand including why we exist, and how we operate.

Our first Charter was granted in 1928 and has since been succeeded by further Charters as the organisation has grown and developed over time.

The current Royal Charter was granted on 26 November 2014 with the joining of NZICA and ICAA.

Section 3 establishes the principal purposes of why we exist:

  • To advance the theory and practice of accountancy in all its aspects.
  • To recruit, educate and train a body of members skilled in such theory and practice.
  • To promote the training and education of persons practicing the profession of accountancy.
  • To preserve at all times the professional independence of accountants in whatever capacities they may be serving.
  • To promote quality, expertise and integrity in the profession of accountancy by its members.
  • To prescribe high standards of practice and professional conduct for, and to maintain the observance of such standards by its members, non-member practice entities and registered graduates
  • To prescribe disciplinary procedures and sanctions, to exercise disciplinary powers and to impose sanctions for the better observance of the standards of practice and professional conduct of the Institute by members, non-member practice entities and registered graduates.
  • To do all such things as may advance the profession of accountancy, whether in relation to the practices of public accountants (including the provision by such practices, in addition to public accountancy services, of other services by persons from other professions), or in relation to industry, commerce, education, the public service or otherwise.

The terminology used in our By-Laws and Regulations are defined in the Charter.

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