Forensic Accounting Specialisation

Achieve formal recognition of your skills and expertise with the CA Forensic Accounting Specialisation

In Brief

  • The next intake for the Emerging Pathway online course is 19 July 2021. Register your interest today.
  • CA Forensic Accounting Specialisation demonstrates your credibility and skills
  • There are 2 pathways to become a Forensic Accounting Specialist: Post Graduate study or an online course for experienced CA’s

Enhance your career with a CA Specialisation

CA ANZ specialisation are qualifications that make you stand out for your accredited skills and experience in your chosen area of expertise. 

As a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist, you are recognised for significant knowledge and experience in an intellectually rewarding field that includes legal disputes and mediations, fraud and financial investigations, loss and damage assessments, and providing expert evidence in court.

Your official accreditation demonstrates to clients and organisations your skills, knowledge and experience in the forensic accounting field.


  • Build your personal brand and credibility - Adding CA Forensic Accounting Specialist under your name on correspondence and marketing collateral can set you apart from the rest. You also have the exclusive right to include the CA ANZ branded specialist banner in your communications.
  • Open doors - As a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist, you can capitalise on opportunities of referrals from other practitioners, strategic partners, associated professionals and clients.
  • Expand your network - Networking events with your peers can provide insights into your field and forge valuable business relationships.
  • Strengthen your reputation - Your recognition as a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist acknowledges your skills, knowledge and experience to clients.
  • Stay ahead of the curve - You will have access to complimentary professional development exclusive to CA Forensic Accounting Specialists, plus receive a discount to any related conferences.
  • All in one place - CA Forensic Accounting Specialisation is one of the few accreditation Forensic Accounting programs available, and you don't need to become a member of another professional body.

Who can become a Forensic Accounting Specialist

  • CA ANZ members who successfully complete the program and meet the practical experience and education requirements including regulations CR6 and CR6D can apply for recognition as a Forensic Accounting Specialist. 
  • All those who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of acknowledgment. CA ANZ members can then formally apply to be recognised as a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist. 

How to become a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist

There are two pathways you can choose from:


Dates for the Forensic Accounting Program

The following dates apply to Experienced Pathway – Online Course 

2021 Intake 2

Online study commencement Monday 19 July – Friday 11 September 2021 
Assessment options  
Online assessments Monday 13 September 2021
Portfolio interview assessment  

Monday 13 September – Friday 17 September 2021 

(by arrangement with member)

Ongoing obligations

To maintain your CA Forensic Accounting Specialist accreditation, you must ensure that at least 40% of your CPD requirement is undertaken in Forensic Accounting. 

Register your interest

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