Advocacy objectives and policy priorities

Learn more about our advocacy objectives, policy priorities and positions

In Brief

  • CA ANZ advocates in the public good on policy matters that impact our members, their clients and communities.
  • We work closely with our members to identify policy priorities and develop positions.
  • Policy positions are advocated through submissions, consultation and engagement with governments, regulators and standard-setters.

Our advocacy objectives

Good public policy plays an important role in building a more sustainable, prosperous and resilient future.

We aim to deliver bold, visible advocacy and thought leadership in the public good.

The main objectives of our advocacy are to:

  • Create value for our members, their clients and communities;
  • Achieve better policy outcomes in the public good;
  • Influence sound legal and regulatory reform; and
  • Increase our recognition as trusted advisers with government and other key stakeholders.

Our policy priorities

The major policy areas we advocate on are tax, superannuation, financial advice, small business, reporting and assurance, business reform and inclusion and diversity.

Our advocacy team works closely with our members to identify policy priorities and develop positions in areas that impact members, their clients and the communities they serve.

CA ANZ has updated its policy priorities and positions for advocacy in 2022 across a range of areas with input from members, to guide our approach for the year ahead, including new priorities on:

  • the practicality and workability of NZ tax measures recently introduced with limited consultation;
  • natural disaster and pandemic relief, recovery and preparedness measures to assist small businesses; and
  • promoting an equitable, inclusive and diverse workforce and profession.

A stand-alone priority has also been created on the Consumer Data Right to address the disclosure of data to trusted advisers.

How we advocate

Our policy positions are advocated through submissions, consultations and ongoing engagement with governments, regulators and standard-setters and by speaking out on issues where the profession’s expertise is relevant.

We provide different perspectives on public policy and stimulate thinking and conversation on what can be done to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Policy submission principles

Understand the framework that guides our approach to drafting submissions.

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