Our strategic alliance with ACCA

The alliance offers scale and reach to support all members throughout their careers, as we shape the future of the accountancy profession

In Brief

  • The alliance represents 788,000 professional accountants across 181 countries
  • All members now have access to offices in 95 countries, including co-location offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and Sydney
  • The Alliance has created a powerful voice to advocate on behalf of members of both organisations and the global profession

Together we achieve

The alliance between ACCA and CA ANZ has already increased the profile of both brands worldwide, enhanced the ability of both organisations to support members and other stakeholders, and contributed to the development of the profession and business world.

The alliance represents 788,000 professional accountants made up of 308,000 members and 480,000 students across 181 countries.

With offices in 95 countries this network delivers more access to the profession and better support for business and client needs in an increasingly global, digital and inclusive world.

Thanks to the alliance members in both organisations have access to a broad accounting professional network that can provide information, services and commercial opportunities.

In addition to this members of both organisations now have access to a significantly increased pool of resources, tools, educational products, new learning opportunities as well as wider research and professional insights.

Research from the ACCA and CA ANZ alliance covers a wide diversity of research from tax and ethics to technology. In the first year of the alliance the organisations cover through panel sessions and round tables public trust and people’s views on taxation throughout G20 countries.

In the first 12 months the organisations have produced a number of joint research papers involving members from both organisations covering Ethics in a Digital Age and SME Directors Responsibilities for Financial Reporting.

The alliance provides a powerful voice to advocate on behalf of members of both organisations and the global profession. This is evident from the first edition of a joint future leadership publication Accounting Futures launched at the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) conference in November 2017.

Discover Accountancy Futures Magazine

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Critical issues for tomorrow's profession

ACCA and Chartered Accountants ANZ, as part of our strategic alliance, jointly produce a twice-yearly magazine. Read it today online or through our Kindle, Android or iPad apps.

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