Our strategic alliance with ACCA

The alliance offers scale and reach to support all members throughout their careers, as we shape the future of the accountancy profession.

Together we achieve

The alliance between ACCA and CA ANZ has already increased the profile of both brands worldwide, enhanced the ability of both organisations to support members and other stakeholders, and contributed to the development of the profession and business world.

The alliance represents 900,000 professional accountants made up of 308,000 members and 480,000 students across 181 countries. This provides a professional network that can provide information, services and other commercial opportunities.

With offices in 95 countries this network delivers more access to the profession and better support for business and client needs in an increasingly global, digital and inclusive world.

In addition, members of both organisations now have access to joint events, a significantly increased pool of resources, tools, educational products, new learning opportunities as well as wider research and professional insights. This diverse research ranges from tax and ethics to technology.

ACCA President's Podcast

ACCA president Mark Millar and CA ANZ president Nives Botica Redmayne discuss the changing roles of professional accountants and what the bodies are doing to support their members.

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ACCA renews alliance with CA ANZ

The partnership will continue to benefit members and strengthen the organisations’ reach.

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Recent Joint reports

Business Data Insights Playbook for SMPs

Download the business data insights playbook to read how to give your accountancy practice a competitive advantage with data and insight.

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Inclusion in Action

Listen to Ainslie van Onselen, Chief Executive of CA ANZ in conversation with Helen Brand, Chief Executive of ACCA, as they speak about their journeys to CEO, sharing their challenges, successes, and personal experiences. Register to watch on demand.

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