ACA entry requirements

Work out what you need to do to satisfy admission requirements to start your course

In Brief

  • The ACA designation is only offered in New Zealand.
  • To enrol in the course, you need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited tertiary institution.
  • If your degree was completed outside of New Zealand, your qualification will be assessed, and you may need to complete further study.

Academic requirements

To qualify for entry to the ACA program you will need a completed bachelor’s degree from one of our accredited tertiary institutions, covering specific accounting and business topics.

If you studied overseas, you can apply for a standard assessment by completing the form below.

To find out if your tertiary education meets our requirements:

  • Choose the Accredited Tertiary Course list below relevant to the year you started your course
  • Locate your tertiary institution
  • Choose your level of qualification from the schedule
  • Check your subject codes and subject names against the required competency areas in the schedule

Overseas qualifications

If you have an overseas qualification you can apply to enter the program by:

  • Having your degree or other qualification assessed and recognised by Chartered Accountants ANZ
  • Completing further study to close any competency gaps, through an accredited course

Assessment process

You will need to have your overseas qualifications assessed by us as part of meeting the ACA requirements. An assessment is also required to enrol in an accredited conversion course.

The assessment will determine if your overseas qualification is at least equivalent to a New Zealand bachelor's degree and if you have the required level of knowledge in the competency areas.

Your assessment will also indicate any areas that require further study. If so, you’ll need to enrol in an accredited conversion course and pass these subjects to meet the academic requirements.

To apply for a qualification assessment, download and complete a standard assessment form below.

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