Financial Planning specialisation

Help build your reputation and grow your network in financial advisory services as a Financial Planning Specialist

In brief

  • This specialisation positions you as a recognised practitioner in Financial Planning
  • Your education and industry experience can help you earn your standing as a specialist
  • Connect with other specialists and gain valuable insights through networking events

About Financial Planning specialisation

The financial services industry is an expanding, highly regulated field with many Chartered Accountants working in business and in practice.

The Financial Planning specialisation recognises your skills, knowledge and experience which enables you to give clients trusted advice on personal financial planning.

This includes fields such as financial planning, superannuation, compliance, banking and insurance.

Members need to satisfy the requirements of CR6 and CR6C and other criteria to be eligible.

How to apply

The specialisation is open to Chartered Accountants who have appropriate and required training and qualifications in Financial Planning.

Ensure you meet the following criteria before applying:

  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) RG 146 competency for the specialist knowledge and skill areas
  • The required related undergraduate degrees
  • At least two years practical experience in the last five years including at least 50% related to financial planning
  • Appropriate references
  • Complete and return the Financial Planning Specialisation Application for Recognition form.


Gain recognition as a specialist in the complex field of Financial Planning with benefits that include:

  • Clients seeing you as a reputable source of financial advice
  • Use of the description ‘CA Financial Planning Specialist’
  • Endorsement of your skills, knowledge and experience in this field
  • Access to an active network of specialists sharing industry insights
  • Promotion through Chartered Accounts ANZ marketing initiatives including inclusion in the searchable directory of specialists on our website


At least 40% of your CPD requirement must be in financial planning.

You’ll also be asked to participate in peer reviews as a reviewee and perhaps a reviewer.

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Diploma of Financial Planning

RG146 accreditation designed for CAs

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