Timetables, fees and enrolment

Find out when course subjects are offered and how to enrol in the Chartered Accountants Program

The CA Program Timetable 2023 - 2025 is available for you to download and plan your studies. Please scroll down to "Download subject timetables and fees" below.


Access the CA Program study timetable in the links below.

The CA Program requires completion of all core and two elective subjects, along with three years Mentored Practical Experience with a CA ANZ approved employer.

  • Use the CA Program timetable as a guide to plan your subject study timing and progression.
  • Make sure you check the subject outlines for any assumed knowledge requirements.
  • You can take subjects concurrently, provided the prerequisites are met. (Please ensure you understand the time commitments for each subject before enrolling in multiple subjects).
  • It is recommended that candidates enrol in a maximum of two (2) course subjects each term (plus Ethics and Business in Term 1) for a good study workload balance - (providing time to balance study and work, get a good night's sleep and it may help with study success).
  • Check the published timetable and the journey planner for your plotted study pathway. From time to time there maybe changes made to the published timetable.

CA Program candidates who decide during their studies that they do not wish to complete the CA Program required to become a CA and wish to exit the course early, may be eligible to apply for the award of a Graduate Certificate in Accounting (GradCertAcc) depending on subjects completed. To be eligible to exit early with the award of GradCertAcc candidates must have successfully completed at least 60 credit points made up of a minimum of 51 core credit points of the parent GradDipCA course. This translates to completion of either five (5) core subjects including Ethics and Business or four (4) core subjects including Ethics and Business and 1 elective subject.

Term dates

  • There are four (4) standard academic terms each calendar year.
  • You are responsible for self-managing your continued enrolment in your course.
  • Make sure that you regularly check that your personal and contact details are up to date on My CA, and that your GradDipCA study plan is correct.

Course fees, payment options including FEE-HELP and Refunds

Subject tuition fees must be paid at time of enrolment by nominating to pay upfront by credit card or a valid employer token, or by covering the cost of your subject tuition fees in full or in part using a FEE-HELP loan*. FEE-HELP can make it easier to cover your course tuition costs depending on your circumstances, eligibility and citizenship status. For further details refer to the FEE-HELP FAQs and How to enrol information below. Provisional membership must be also maintained to remain enrolled.

A candidate who notifies CA ANZ of a subject withdrawal on or before the subject's census date published in the course timetable will no longer be liable for the subject's tuition fee and, if accessing FEE-HELP, no FEE-HELP debt will be incurred for the withdrawn subject. Any tuition fee amount paid upfront to CA ANZ for the withdrawn subject will be automatically refunded to the payee (including any NZ GST paid if applicable).

If you withdraw from a subject after the subject census date and have not attempted any assessment, you will receive a Withdrawn Fail (WF) grade for the subject on your academic transcript and are liable for the tuition fees for the subject. If you withdraw from a subject after census date and have attempted one or more assessments, you will receive a Fail Incomplete (FI) grade for the subject on your academic transcript and are liable for the tuition fees for the subject.

For further details, please refer to the CA Program's Candidate Course Fees, Refund, Appeals and Review Policy and Procedure on the Chartered Accountants Program Policy page.

*Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is an approved provider of the Australian Government's FEE-HELP Loan Scheme.

Tuition protection

CA ANZ has tuition protection arrangements in place that assure domestic candidates enrolled in CA ANZ GradDipCA course will be offered a suitable alternative course, or have unspent pre-paid tuition fees refunded if CA ANZ cannot provide their enrolled course.

Subject enrolment

  • You can commence your CA Program GradDipCA studies by enrolling in your first subjects once your provisional CA membership has been confirmed, which can take up to 20 working days from date of application. Typically commencing candidates enrol in the Ethics and Business subject and also either the Risk and Technology, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Tax core subject or an elective subject.
  • You will need to accept the CA Program Candidate Enrolment Terms and Conditions each time you enrol in a subject.
  • To enrol in your subjects you will need to provide CA ANZ your Australian Government issued Unique Student Identifier (USI) if you:
    • are an Australian citizen or permanent resident (irrespective of whether you are/are not currently residing in Australia); or
    • have resided / are residing in Australia at any time during your current CA Program course studies and are an Australian entry visa holder, New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, or a resident of another country.

CA Program Journey Planner

Need help planning your study flow?

We're excited to offer you a digital tool to help you plan your study journey in the
CA Program.

The tool is smart.

It will plot your subjects for you, in the terms they are offered, and ensuring pre-requisite and co-requisite rules are met.

All you have to do is answer a few questions and submit your choices to see a journey plan plotted for you.

You can change the plan.

There are tips and alerts to show you what's available for selection, based on what you already have in your planner.

You will be alerted if a pre-requisite is not met on a subject. Simply click the subject, to see what's missing and adjust your planner to suit.

A full 3-year timetable is always available here on the website for you to access and check anything you need.

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