Timetables Fees and Enrolment

Find out when our course modules are scheduled and how to enrol in the Chartered Accountants Program

First module enrolment:

  • You can enrol in your first module once your provisional CA membership has been confirmed, which can take at least four weeks from date of application.
  • You can apply for provisional CA membership at any time during the year.

Planning your study progression:

  • Use the CA timetable as a guide to plan your module study timing and progression
  • Make sure you check the module outlines for any assumed knowledge requirements.
  • You are able to study more than one technical module concurrently (Please ensure you understand the time commitments for each module before enrolling in multiple modules)
  • To be eligible to enrol in the final Capstone module you must have passed the four other modules.

This video talks about a 10 hour per week commitment to study – this will need to be adjusted to reflect that a 10 hour commitment per module is required and that multiple modules will therefore require additional commitment.

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