AT entry requirements

We offer three pathways to become an Accounting Technician: find the one that best suits you


  • You can earn the Accounting Technician designation through a vocational, practical experience or academic pathway.
  • Choose your pathway based on your skills and experience; and whether you want full or part-time study options.
  • Before applying to start your course, you will need to become a Provisional Member with us first.

Flexible options to suit you

We know everyone has different work experience, knowledge and career goals, which is why we offer the Accounting Technician (AT) designation through a variety of pathways to membership and accreditation.

You can become an AT through one of three ways: 

  • Vocational pathway
  • Practical experience pathway
  • Academic pathway

Each option has its' own set of entry requirements. Before choosing your pathway and enrolling you’ll need to become a provisional member with us.

AT entry requirements

  • Vocational Pathway

    This study path covers a wide range of practical accounting topics, leading to an AAT Diploma in Accounting, a UK-based qualification developed by the Association of Accounting Technicians.

    To enrol in the AAT Foundation Certificate, you need:

    • A secondary school or higher qualification in English and Maths
    • A keen interest in accounting as a profession
    • Regular access to the internet and a PC which meets the course requirements
    • Good English language skills (if English is not your first language, you need an IELTS 5.5 or equivalent)
    • Be a provisional member and be able to sit assessments at AAT exam venues in New Zealand or AAT approved venues overseas.

    To enrol in the AAT Advanced Diploma, you must have either:

    • An existing AAT Foundation Level 2 or equivalent recognised qualification
    • Or be able to demonstrate appropriate knowledge through work experience.

    To enrol in the AAT Professional Diploma, you must have:

    • Achieved the AAT Advanced Level 3 Diploma or hold a recent degree in Accounting or Finance.

    If you’re unsure about the most appropriate level for you take the AAT Skill Check.

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  • Academic Pathway

    Become an Accounting Technician by choosing academic study.

    The Academic pathway involves tertiary study through the New Zealand Diploma in Business course or equivalent university degree level study. You can apply to become a provisional accounting technician while you study towards an approved course.

    You will need to contact the institution where you plan to study for their specific enrolment requirements.

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  • Experience Pathway

    This path enables you to be formally recognised for your skills and experience, leading to a formal Accounting Technician designation.

    To apply, you need to have at least five year’s accounting work experience.

    But first you need to apply and become a provisional member. Then work with a manager/referee to complete an Assessment of Competence which confirms your skills and knowledge.

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