Getting help with the CA Program application

We answer common questions about the CA Program

Applying for the program

  • Do I need to have a job to apply?

    There is no requirement to be in approved employment whilst you are studying the required CA Program modules.  

    To become a CA, you need to complete all five CA Program modules and three years of approved employment.

    A CA mentor offers valuable guidance for your studies and development as a CA professional.

  • Do overseas qualifications count?

    If you have an overseas qualification, you need to apply for a Standard Assessment before applying for the Program. The outcome of this assessment will confirm if your overseas degree is equivalent to an Australian or New Zealand Bachelor's degree and will identify any gaps in the required competency areas and advise the next steps

  • Can I apply without my university transcripts?

    Yes, for Term 1 2020 you can still apply for provisional membership as long as you provide a university certified copy of your final results. This means that if you haven't received your official transcript we will accept your final results as long as you have an official from the university certify these and you provide a certified copy of your official transcript prior to 24 December 2019.

  • Can I continue study if I move countries?

    You can apply and start the Program in New Zealand and then continue your modules in Australia if you move there and vice versa. You will be required to meet the approved employment requirements in whichever country you move to.

    If you change country before completing the tax module, you should take into account that this module will be different in Australia and New Zealand. In this case, you will be responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge for each module.

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