Professional and ethical support

Get help over the phone and online when you’re faced with a professional challenge

In brief

  • We provide guidance on professional practice issues, queries and ethical concerns
  • We are a small team of senior members who have worked extensively in public practice and commerce
  • Our services are available to all members

Help when you need it

As a member, you have access to real-world guidance based on professional standards and regulations.

Our Professional Standards team can help clarify your professional standards and obligations.

If you are dealing with a complex professional situation, our team can talk it through with you and provide practical information and support to help you to manage ethical concerns or dilemmas in your workplace.

In some cases, we may also refer you to Chartered Accountants Advisory Group (CAAG) service for specialist support.

Contacting Professional Standards

The Professional Standards team are available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) by telephone and also email. Our team are highly knowledgeable and experienced Chartered Accountants.

Before getting in touch with the team, check out the support, resources and information available on our website.

Tools and resources

Find tools and resources most used by members in practice through CA Tools & Resources.

Tools and resources

Phone calls are welcome and every endeavour will be made to provide a response as soon as possible. If your query is complex, it may take longer than usual to respond.

The types of queries the team can help you with include:

  • Ethical issues and standards
  • Certificate of Public Practice (CPP) requirements
  • Professional indemnity insurance (PII) and liability capping questions
  • Client monies audit issues

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