Accounting Technician Program course

Unpack the new AT Program course which builds your skillset and confidence

The new AT Program ensures you are highly trained and are a valuable member of the finance team, with real scenario-based learning focused on technical and professional competencies.

To become an AT, you need to undertake the AT Program course   and AT Supervised Practical Experience (ATSPE) which is detailed in a logbook. 

Course overview 

The course is designed to deliver:

  • Research-based, practical, and relevant content relevant to the modern accounting profession.
  • Incorporates case studies, knowledge quizzes, videos, animations and other interactive materials as part of a contemporary, online learning experience.
  • Future-focused technical competencies with embedded professional competencies to incorporate into your daily work.

The ATP course is focused on three technical competencies, with three embedded professional competencies.

Technical competencies

  1. Ethics and Integrity
  2. Accounting Information Technology Systems
  3. Digital Acumen and Data Analysis

Professional competencies

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Collaboration & Relationship
  3. Customer Focus

Course delivery 

This course involves a total 45 learning and assessment hours over 8 weeks. The blended learning program comprising three elements:

  • Accounting Technicians Essentials (online learning)
  • Accounting Technician Workshop (workshop)
  • Accounting Technician Assessment (exam)

Learn more about the entry requirements to become an AT

AT entry requirements

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