Governance Positions

Become involved in your regional council, sector or local committee and make a difference.

Our governance bodies ensure the member voice is embedded within our decision-making. As a global professional body, we recognise the importance of inclusion and diversity in creating a world-class member experience and ensuring a sustainable future for the profession.

We want our governance to reflect our over 139,000 diverse members so we're looking for members across all ages, gender, ethnicity and cultures.

Above all, we want members who are passionate about making a difference for the profession.

Some positions are filled by an election (member vote) and others are filled by appointment.

Lend your voice. Make a difference. Create change.

Members of Chartered Accountants ANZ are a diverse group of people with talents spanning a wide range of skills and industries.

Your contribution isn't just an opportunity to have a say and create change, it can also be extremely personally rewarding to play an active role in your professional body’s present – and future.

From regional councils, sector and local committees to overseas councils, become involved no matter where you are based.

Governance Positions


Chartered Accountants ANZ operates under a best practice governance model overseen by a Council, Board of Directors and Executive Team.

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