CA Program admission criteria

Learn more on the admission criteria required to apply for Provisional Membership and enrol in the CA Program

In Brief

  • Applicants need to meet academic criteria to be admitted to provisional CA membership
  • Australia based applicants who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents, must hold a visa that entitles them to study the CA Program
  • Alternative pathways are available for those who do not meet the academic admission criteria for the Program
  • Applicants must complete a fit and proper persons' declaration

Chartered Accountants ANZ is the only professional accounting body in Australia recognised as a Higher Education Provider and regulated by TEQSA. This means that the educational quality of the CA Program meets the Australian Higher Education standards.

Academic criteria

To be eligible to apply for provisional CA membership, you need to hold one of the following academic qualifications:

  • A Chartered Accountants ANZ accredited degree. This means that your degree covers prerequisite subjects in key competency areas, and ensures you meet all prior knowledge requirements for the Chartered Accountants Program; or
  • A degree which has not been accredited by Chartered Accountants ANZ, but has been assessed by us as equivalent to at least an AU or NZ Bachelor degree (AQF level 7 or higher) with coverage of required competency areas

If you do not hold an accredited degree, or are in your final year of study towards a degree, identified knowledge gaps can be satisfied by completing additional study. This can be completed through an accredited conversion course or the CA Foundations pathway.

You can start CA Foundations units during your final year of study. Once you complete your degree, and you have completed prerequisites for at least one CA Program module you can apply for Provisional Membership.

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Citizenship, residency, and visa requirements

CA ANZ has adopted the general policy position that it cannot register candidates studying or seeking to study the CA Program on an Australian student visa because CA ANZ and the CA Program are not registered on the Australian Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) due to the online nature of the CA Program.

CA ANZ has adopted this general policy position consistent with advice from CA ANZ’s regulator. Ultimately you, as a candidate or potential candidate of CA ANZ CA Program, are responsible for ensuring that you are able to meet the requirements to enrol in the CA Program and satisfy any visa requirements or restrictions. 

Practical experience requirements

CA Program candidates must also complete three years of approved employment. Approved employment is recognised when you are:

  • Working in a relevant accounting role with an Approved or Recognised Training Employer
  • Working for at least 17.5 hours per week for a period of three months or longer
  • Under the guidance of a recognised mentor

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Other requirements

All applicants need to sign a fit and proper person declaration before enrolment.

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