Education casual and contractor workforce centre

Welcome to the education casual and contractor workforce centre, a dedicated platform providing information for this important sector of our workforce.

Becoming a casual

CA ANZ encourages all CA members to consider undertaking work within the CA Program and to support our broader member body.

If you would like to be considered for upcoming work as part of our casual academic pool (to assist with facilitating, marking, and/or development of subject material in the CA Program), then please apply on the CA Program – Casual academic positions page.

What happens next?

We will review your completed survey and application to assist us with assessing your suitability for the roles offered in the CA program. Flowing from this, we may have further questions for you, so we may contact you again using the details you provide.

After this assessment, if we believe you are suitable for one or more of the types of work we have available, we may then offer you a casual employment contract to become part of our casual pool. If you accept that underpinning contract, it will then form the basis for any future offers of work that we send you (eg, particular engagements from time to time as a marker, facilitator or reviewer).

Please note we will prioritise offering casual contracts to people whose skills and knowledge align with particular areas of need in our casual pool (eg, subject areas where we may have the greatest need based on the current terms offering). If we do not offer you a contract (or do not do so immediately) it may simply mean that you don’t fall into one of these priority groups.

If you accept a casual contract, we will also pre-approve you for particular types of work we have assessed you as being suitable to perform. For example, if you’re particularly knowledgeable about Australian tax accounting, but you aren’t yet an experienced or confident facilitator, we may initially pre-approve you for tax marking only. You would then be eligible to receive expressions of interest for upcoming tax marking engagements. Over time, members of our casual pool may be re-assessed and pre-approved for additional subjects or additional types of casual engagement.

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at [email protected]

Find out more

The success of our CA Program relies on casuals and contractors filling key roles in our academic and support pools. Refer to the links below for more information about working as a casual or contractor* and supporting the CA Program.

(*Pre-existing academic contractors in New Zealand only; all new academics in NZ are now engaged as casual employees. Any existing academic contractor who wishes to transition to a casual employment model is able to do so.)