Our Strategy

Our strategic intent is to proactively shape the profession of the future by developing opportunities for our members that build value for themselves, their clients and the communities in which they live and work

Strategic Review

In the latter half of 2017 a strategic review was undertaken in consultation with members globally. It captured the thoughts of those members across career stages from student to executive, those working in practice, commerce, the public and not-for-profit sectors, and included perspectives from both metropolitan and regional communities.

This review included:

  • 80 focus groups
  • 25 interviews
  • face-to-face contact with around 700 members.

A programme of 105 workshops revealed common perspectives and experiences across the membership.

It confirmed that members feel that the profession as a whole is changing rapidly, with much more disruption than in the past. And it revealed an appetite among members to further engage with each other in the digital environment and take advantage of services and programmes that will help them continue to achieve success.

Our Strategy

Our strategic intent is to proactively shape the profession of the future by developing opportunities for our members that build value for themselves, their clients and the communities in which they live and work.

The strategy discovery, invention and design process yielded four lenses on the future that reflect member feedback, which are:

Strategic Lenses

The accounting professional of the future:

  • Maintain the relevance of accounting professionals and enhance their value to business and society.
  • Develop future Chartered Accountants equipped with the right mix of capabilities and dispositions, able to solve highly complex business problems.
  • Attract a more diverse pool of candidates into the profession, meeting market demand for well-rounded accounting professionals.
  • Support the ongoing development of members by offering tools and lifelong learning to ensure career success.

Practice of the future:

  • Help small and mid-tier practices to reconceive their business models, work practices and capabilities.
  • Support practices and practice leaders to address key issues across the lifecycle of a practice.
  • Explore the changing nature of work in practice to create better tools, learning programmes and advocacy.

Services of the future:

  • Help members explore what new roles the individual Chartered Accountant's skillset could offer and what new markets and services they can add value to.
  • Leverage the position of trust held by Chartered Accountants to extend their reach into new areas of opportunity.
  • Understand what services are most relevant in the marketplace and shape the education and advocacy programmes to drive opportunity for members.

Communities of the future:

  • Make it easier for our diverse membership to collaborate with each other and their professional body.
  • Enable a more active and engaged membership to leverage the combined connected intelligence of the chartered accounting community to create solutions.
  • Facilitate virtual and face-to-face opportunities for members to network around their needs and interest areas.
  • Listen to, and understand, member needs in real-time, regardless of physical location.
  • Create a channel to amplify advocacy messages and increase the influence of the chartered accounting community.

We applied these lenses to our activities to understand how our work reinforces the capacity of members to thrive and adapt. This in turn led to the development of five strategic initiatives that will sharpen the support we offer members as they work to proactively shape and strengthen the profession for the benefit of those they serve.

Strategic Initiatives

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  • September 2017 – The Strategic Review ran over eight weeks, with more than 100 workshops held with our diverse member base and stakeholders across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United Kingdom.

CEO Video September 2017 Update

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  • November 2017 Board Meeting - Outcomes from the initial phases of the Strategic Review, and proposed strategic priorities were shared with the Board and Council, which then endorsed progressing into the next phase of business development and planning for implementation.

CEO Video November 2017 Update

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  • March 2018 – CA ANZ Board endorsed the initial development work on the creation of a new online community hub for members and enhancements to the CA Program.

Strategic Update March 2018 from CA ANZ Chair, President and CEO

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  • April 2018 – following extensive consultation with staff, CA ANZ realigned the structure to ensure the organisation has the right capabilities, systems and focus to deliver our strategic priorities.

Our new organisation structure

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  • July 2018 – My CA enters pilot phase, launching to nearly 12,000 members from the Rural and Primary Industry Group and the Business Valuation Community.

During the Strategic Review, members emphasised the importance of developing meaningful connections with their peers and leveraging our collective intelligence in today's connected world. The need for an online community hub to meet members' expectations for connections and information at any time, from anywhere was defined.

Read about the My CA pilot

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  • October 2018 – CA ANZ launches strategic programme CA Catalyst to entire membership.

Our Strategic Review confirmed that the profession is changing rapidly, with much more diversity and disruption than experienced in the past. One source of this disruption is within innovation communities – they are evolving business models, creating new markets and driving operating efficiencies.

CA Catalyst brings together Chartered Accountants, innovation communities Fishburners, Stone & Chalk and The Icehouse, and technology providers to create opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration.

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