Our Strategy

Our strategy to support our members to make a difference to the communities in which they work and live.

Strategy discovery process

In 2020, our entire membership base and governance structure was engaged in the discovery process for setting our future strategy. It had input from more than 3000 members including a member survey and 38 focus groups and workshops with Council, Regional Councils and member committees.

The key themes and findings from the strategy developed in late 2017 continue to be valid so are a strong foundation for this refresh.

The process also recognised macro trends such as:

  • Business models being reimagined
  • Distrust in institutions
  • Digital age accelerating
  • Increasing expectations of experiences on digital platforms
  • Tasks of workers becoming more automated requiring new skills and capabilities
  • Relevance of professional bodies of all types globally with some in decline or in stagnation
  • Perceptions of the attractiveness of accounting in decline

Our strategy

Our future-focused strategy provides a roadmap to 2025 under five pillars; building world class membership experience, enhancing our brand and influence, having a sustainable profession and professional body, digital transformation and delivery and creating a culture of Difference Makers.

The Executive Team

The Executive Team sets the strategic direction and helps steer the professional body towards realising its long-term vision and goals.

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