CA Catalyst

Our strategic initiative to help members in small and medium practices to modernise their business operations and embrace the future of accounting.

Digital disruption is creating new opportunities for Chartered Accountants to move from manual processes to tech-enabled efficient businesses, and from a compliance focus to strategic business advisors and partners. 

If you’re interested in developing practical skills, networking with like-minded professionals, and expanding your understanding of digital innovation for your accounting practice, then you’ve come to the right place.

How does CA Catalyst help Chartered Accountants?  

In addition to partnering with leading start-up communities across Australia and New Zealand, this strategic initiative sets you on a path of digital transformation with: 

  • Access to tools that will enhance your business practices.
  • Insights from innovation experts and professionals in your field.
  • Hands-on training to turn concepts into practical, applicable skills.
  • Immersive experiences to help members add even more value to clients.

Most importantly, CA Catalyst is also an online community in My CA where members can connect with like-minded professionals and share tips and ideas, ensuring you’re linked with businesses and people already thriving in today’s accelerated world.

In a world where work is fragmented and change is constant, coming together with your peers to support and assist one another can be a transformative experience.

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