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  1. Leave the family home alone thanks very much

    Australians and New Zealanders do not want their family home counted as an asset for government retirement benefits...

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  2. Crackdown on tax avoidance and other new tax initiatives

    The Government is counting on an extra $726.3 million of revenue over the next four years from new initiatives including a crackdown on ‘tax dodgers’...

  3. Interest deductions to be denied for holding vacant land

    There can be instances where borrowing to buy a land bank creates an interest deduction. No more says the Treasurer...

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  4. Just Increase the Minimum Employer Super Threshold

    Low Income Super Balance Measures welcomed but easier and cheaper solution available...

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  5. Time to ask the question: is Division 7A too hard to fix?

    Division 7A is the ticking time bomb for many private companies...

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  6. Tax agents on notice about personal tax returns

    ATO to get more funding to muscle up on individuals and tax agents...

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  7. The new Low and Middle Income Tax Offset - Prepare for lots of client questions

    How to explain the Federal Budget 2018 Low and Middle Income Tax Offset to clients...

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  8. It’s not a super focused budget but there’s still plenty to consider

    Federal Budget 2018 announces a lot of small adjustments to the superannuation system...

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  9. Navigating AI

    The alternative view expounds that AI machines will leverage human capabilities rather than entirely replace them. It’s a game-changer, not the end of the world. For deep analysis and interpretation...

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  10. The key to financial reporting happiness: give users what they need

    More research is needed to ensure the financial reporting framework remains relevant...

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