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  1. Supporting better AUP engagements

    Call for comments on ITC revising New Zealand’s Agreed Upon Procedures standard...

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  2. Can accountants save the planet?

    Integrated reporting can help develop resilient businesses models that address sustainability issues and risks...

  3. Aspects of community attitudes to retirement in Britain

    It is always interesting to compare how Australians and New Zealanders are preparing for retirement with citizens of other first world countries...

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  4. Time to shine more light on tax crime fighting

    Fighting tax crimes. Michael Croker, Tax Leader, looks at the storm fronts the ATO will tackle in 2018 and beyond...

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  5. Responsible investing is now a win win for business

    Green bonds can satisfy investor needs for strong returns coupled with personal preferences to support the environment...

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  6. Two Important ATO Releases

    ATO have made two important announcements in relation to SMSFs...

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  7. Welcome to 2018. What's on the super horizon?

    A brief list of the main items to keep an eye on for the next year...

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  8. Whats in store for tax

    Michael Croker, Tax Leader, takes a look at likely tax developments in 2018...

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  9. Does longer life expectancies mean many years with a lower quality of life

    This report follows on from an earlier publication issued in November 2014. Both reports rely on unpublished ABS data involving life expectancies and disability rates...

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  10. The important role of CFOs ensuring transparency around climate related risks

    Global CFOs commit to working towards adoption of the TCFD recommendations...

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