CPD requirements

Reach the top of your game with continuing professional development

What is CPD?

Participating in continuing professional development is essential for all CA ANZ members and this comes with key benefits. CPD can support your career, equipping you with the knowledge and skills that you need to stay up to date in your field.

We believe that CPD should be flexible - you choose when and where you do your CPD hours. These can be gained through a range of educational activities, such as conferences, courses, workshops, technical discussion groups, webinars, mentoring, in-house training or self-directed learning.

Even better, your chosen CPD activities are not restricted to courses associated with accounting or financial topics. If the activity is structured, educational or technical in content, and enhances your ability to do your job, it can go towards your CPD hours.

We're here to help you every step of the way, so please take the time to browse through Regulation CR7 in the members handbook. This provides guidelines for how you can identify and choose your formal and informal CPD activities.

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Access our Members Handbook for the full regulations and also access to Regulation CR7 Continuing Professional Development.

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CPD requirements

Depending on where you live, your specific designation and the professional registrations or licenses you hold, there are different requirements to be met.

All members need to do the minimum number of CPD hours for their designation every three years. These activities will help you showcase your professionalism as a CA ANZ member and can boost your future employment prospects.

If you hold one or more professional registrations or licenses, 40% of your CPD hours need to be related to each registration or licence.

When do I need to complete my CPD?

CPD is accumulated within a three year period, or triennium. Your triennium is calculated from 1 July after you became a member. For example if you were admitted on 12 February 2010, your triennium starts on 1 July 2010. If you were admitted on 20 September 2010, your triennium starts on 1 July 2011.

If you were originally an NZICA member, your trienniums are calculated from 1 July 2012.

If you were originally an ICAA member, your trienniums are calculated from 1 July 1994.

Manage My CPD

You can track your CPD hours in the CPD Log on My CA and get a quick overview of how you are progressing against your specific requirements. From 1 October 2020, your CPD purchases from the CA ANZ store will automatically appear in your log. Once you've completed the training, simply confirm the new professional development record and see how it adds CPD hours to your CPD wheel. You can also enter CPD records from other providers.

In your annual notifications, you will be asked to confirm the CPD hours completed in the year. By logging all your CPD records in your CPD Log on My CA it will be easier to know how many CPD hours you have undertaken at any point in time.

What's not counted

Anything that does not directly improve your professional knowledge cannot be counted as CPD. Doing extensive, daily tasks or standard administration duties do not count as CPD hours.

If in doubt, always refer to Regulation CR7 in the Members Handbook.

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