How to apply for the CA Program

Applications for Term 3 close on 31 July 2020.

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Applications for Term 3 of the CA Program close on 31 July 2020.

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If you have any difficulties gathering supporting documentation for your application due to the impacts of COVID-19, let us know so we can advise you of your options.

Application checklist

  • Official academic transcript(s) - see the Certification of academic documents section below before submitting your application. Incorrectly formatted documents are the number one cause of delay in the assessment process.
  • Evidence of completed degree if this is not stated in your official transcript. A certified degree certificate or completion letter is acceptable.
  • If you're currently employed in a relevant accounting role with a CA mentor, complete and upload a signed Practical Experience Agreement form, which you can download from the related downloads section below.

Please note additional documentation may be required, refer to the checklist on page 1 the Provisional Application form for further information.

When will my application be assessed?

If you have supplied all the academic documents listed in the checklist below, you can expect your application to be completed within 2-3 weeks.

All applications received on or before the application close date will be assessed in time for you to enrol before the advertised enrolment close off. If your application is submitted after this date, it will still be assessed but we cannot guarantee enrolment during the advertised window. We will contact you with your enrolment options if you are in this situation.

How to certify your academic documents

The following are examples of acceptable means of certification.

1. Official e-copies of documents (PDF), such as those provided through My eQuals.

My eQuals provides secure access to certified official transcripts and degree documents.

Find out more at My eQuals

Click Here

2. Digital colour scans of original documents

These must be clear colour copies with no shadow or obstruction. As a guide, these files should be around 1 mb in size or larger. If you are unsure, have these documents certified using the certification guidelines below as if they were black and white copies.

3. Black and white copies of original documents

We will accept these if they are correctly certified as a true copy of the original. Suggested wording for certification is as follows:

I certify that this is a true copy of the document produced to me on {Date}.
Phone number:
Qualification: (e.g. CA, JP, Pharmacist)
Membership number (if applicable):

If your documents have multiple pages, each page must be signed or initialled with the last page carrying the primary certification statement.

Who can certify my academic documents?

Review the list of people who can certify documents in the Related downloads section below.

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