Skills assessment for accounting occupations in Australia

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) is approved by the Department of Home Affairs to conduct skills assessments for accounting occupations.

Skills assessments for migration purposes are issued by relevant skills assessing authorities.

The combined list of eligible skilled occupations sets out all relevant occupations under 4 occupation lists. Most occupations in each list have their own skills assessing authority.

Accounting occupations

CA ANZ conducts skills assessment for the following accounting occupations:

  • Accountant (General) – ANZSCO 221111
  • Management Accountant – ANZSCO 221112
  • Taxation Accountant – ANZSCO 221113
  • Corporate Treasurer - ANZSCO 221212
  • External Auditor – ANZSCO 221213
  • Finance Manager – ANZSCO 132211 

The ANZSCO provides information on the skill level of jobs, qualifications and/or experience needed to work in occupations. Occupation definitions can be found on Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Accounting skills assessment

Obtaining a suitable skills assessment is mandatory for some visa subclasses (and streams) and may be requested for others.

CA ANZ provides:

  • Full (permanent) skills assessment for General Skilled Migration (GSM), Temporary Skill Shortage and Employer Sponsored visas (Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List).
  • Skilled employment assessment is optional. You must hold a suitable full (permanent) qualification assessment outcome under the same nominated occupation from CA ANZ in order to be eligible for skilled employment assessment.
  • Skills assessment opportunities for migrants – for employment purposes only as part of the Australian Government's Skills Assessment Pilots Program. This pilot offers onshore migrants who reside in Australia on a permanent family, partner, humanitarian or refugee visa with a free, fast-tracked skills assessment. This pilot is available to migrants who have never undergone a skills assessment and who have skills, qualifications and/or experience directly relevant to a priority occupation. Applicants who receive a suitable outcome in their assessment can use this to improve their employment options in their nominated occupation. This pilot is not for migration or visa purposes. 

Skills assessment criteria

CA ANZ will assess your educational qualifications to determine if they meet the educational standards for the accounting occupations:

Degree comparability

You must hold a qualification comparable to at least the level of an Australian bachelor’s degree.

Degree requirement:

  • full (permanent) skills assessment: Australian bachelor’s degree or 12 unit Australian master’s degree or an overseas tertiary and/or professional membership qualification comparable to at least the level of an Australian bachelor’s degree (AQF level 7 or higher)

Competency areas

You must complete all mandatory competency areas that are relevant to your nominated occupation.

English language requirement

You must provide evidence that you have met the English language proficiency requirement from one of the following approved providers:

Skilled employment assessment

You must hold a suitable full (permanent) qualification assessment outcome under the same nominated occupation from CA ANZ to apply for a skilled employment assessment.

Processing times

The current average processing time is 15 business days, however please refer to our approximate processing times depending on the type of application.

Please note: The processing times may vary depending on the volume of applications received.

An urgent request may be considered. You must clearly explain your reason along with evidence to support your request.

The processing time is calculated from the date the application is received, provided all required documents have been submitted. If you are required to provide further documentation, the processing time will commence once these documents have been received.

How long is your skills assessment application valid for?  

Please note: From 15 August 2022, CA ANZ will only accept review (update) applications if your initial skills assessment outcome is still valid.  

Your application with CA ANZ is valid for three (3) years from the date of your initial skills assessment outcome. Your initial skills assessment outcome must be valid to apply for a review/update or appeal. Any subsequent review (update), such as applying for a full (permanent) skills assessment following a previous provisional skills assessment, update English Language test result, additional qualification, additional ANZSCO codes and additional skilled employment period will not reset the expiration date of an application. Please ensure you provide a valid English Language Proficiency test report along with your qualification assessment application, including updates and additional ANZSCO code reviews.  

After the expiry of the three (3) year validity period, you may apply for a new skills assessment and pay the relevant assessment fee. Any such skills assessment application would be based on the entry requirements at that time and would take into consideration any additional tertiary/professional qualification and skilled employment completed in the interim. 

How long is your assessment outcome letter valid for? 

Your skills assessment outcome letter (including outcome letter of review/update application) is valid with the Department of Home Affairs for three (3) years from the date of issue.  

What you should know

  • Ensure you understand the details of your personal visa requirements as set by the Department of Home Affairs or engage the services of a registered migration agent (MARA) to assist you with your visa application before submitting your skills assessment application to CA ANZ.
  • CA ANZ does not provide specific information on migration or visa requirements. Enquiries relating to visa, points table and migration requirements should be directed to the Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs.    
  • From 1 July 2022, international graduates can apply directly to the Department of Home Affairs for the Subclass 485 visa and will not be required to undergo a qualification assessment. CA ANZ cut-off date for accepting applications for provisional skills assessment was 1st June 2022.
  • CA ANZ will refuse to assess applications if suspected false and/or non-authentic information or documentation is provided. CA ANZ will issue a negative outcome letter to applicant confirming that: ‘Based on the documentation submitted, CA ANZ is unable to confirm authenticity and therefore the outcome of the assessment is negative’. Suspected falsification will be notified to the Department of Home Affairs and other accounting assessing authorities. A ban on reapplying may be imposed and the application fee will not be refunded.

Step 1 - Qualification Assessment Criteria 

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