Policy submission principles

Understand the framework that guides our approach to drafting submissions


  • It’s our role as a professional association to advocate on policy areas impacting the businesses and communities in which our members work
  • Our advocacy work centres on drafting policy submissions to government and standard-setting bodies, with input from our members
  • Policy submissions are framed by a set of guiding principles that articulate our values and objectives

Our guiding principles

Good public policy plays an important role contributing to a nation’s prosperity.

It helps determine the economic future for the citizens, organisations and governments of countries we operate in.

We act in the public interest, providing different perspectives on public policy and stimulating thinking and conversation on what can be done to meet the challenges ahead.

Our positioning is led by our policy leads in the Leadership and Advocacy team, with critical input from our members.

When drafting submissions to government and standard setters, we are guided by the following principles:

  • Act in the public interest as dictated by the ethical standards that apply to the profession internationally
  • Policies should be apolitical and evidence-based
  • Advocate on issues that are relevant to the profession and the business community
  • Focus on long term prosperity of our nations, looking to the next 30 years, rather than the next three years
  • Policies should be equitable and fair to both current and future stakeholders

Policies should be framed around the four pillars that support prosperity of the countries we operate in:

  • Fiscal sustainability
  • International competitiveness
  • Boosting productivity
  • Effectiveness and stability of financial markets

Policy positions are advocated through ongoing advice to governments, regulators and standard-setters and by speaking out on issues where the profession’s expertise is relevant.