Date posted: 03/05/2023

S3E11: Accounting and generative A.I.

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There’s a lot of buzz around generative A.I. and the impacts it’ll have on workplaces. There are lots of arguments for and against for using it – where does your accounting practice sit? This episode we explore the current state of play through the lens of one small accounting practice. How is it being used, what are the benefits, what are the risks and what’s next. How can members help members come on this tech journey. Meryl Johnson CA, Bean Ninjas Founder joins Public Affairs Manager Gillian Bowen to explain.

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Meryl’s A.I. research

For our Melbourne based members – VIC Building Knowledge Series: Chat GPT, GPT-4 and Beyond

ZDNET Chat GPT Article  

“There are super powerful tools available, so I want my team to embrace that. We can use that to not only improve our productivity, but to improve the relationships we have with clients. But then I’m worried about the confidentiality, about uploading things or my team uploading things that they shouldn’t to tools like Chat GPT. So for me it’s balancing that. How do we set the guard rails?” 
Meryl Johnston CA, Bean Ninjas Founder