The Network with Ross Greenwood

The Network is a new podcast series hosted by financial expert Ross Greenwood that discusses the challenges faced by small and medium businesses. Ross engages the expertise of Chartered Accountants David Armstrong and Julie Hough, and a panel of industry experts, to discuss the real issues faced by business. The Network explores the benefits of having a Chartered Accountant in your network of advisers, providing practical solutions. Over the coming episodes, we'll look at cash flow and profitability, managing staff, the effects of changing business conditions, and technology for small business, and we'll discover how the advice of a Chartered Accountant could help drive the business behind your business.

Episode 1: Cash Flow and Profitability

In this episode, Ross Greenwood and David Armstrong discuss the challenges faced by a business when it comes to cash flow and profitability. They are joined by Julie Patterson- NAB General Manager of Small Business for NSW and QLD.

Episode 2: Staffing

In this episode, Ross Greenwood and David Armstrong discuss a number of things that can be done to increase staff retention, your hiring strategy, and how technology can better engage your workplace and systems.

Special guest Max Heinz, Recruitment Specialist at Hastings People. Max possesses a genuine passion for the hospitality industry. Max's deep connectivity and market awareness deliver consistent results for his network.

Episode 3: Business Planning

In this episode, Ross Greenwood and Julie Hough discuss the issues around business planning, working with a client and looking at their businesses structure, and how to harness the power of data.

Special guest Richard Mitry from Mitry Lawyers. Richard co-founded Mitry Lawyers in 2009, and has been involved in several start-up businesses.

Richard's main areas of practise are defamation and media, property and environmental law, commercial litigation, and insolvency.

Episode 4: Technology

In this episode, Ross Greenwood and Julie Hough discuss the challenges faced by businesses when it comes to harnessing technology such as determining what marketing technology is appropriate for your customers, how to develop a business case for technology, and tips to work out which business software is best suited to your business.

Special guest and technology expert Stephen Fenech will address some of the bigger day-to-day challenges faced by a business, including remote working, social media and security.