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  1. Financial Reporting and Audit Guide: Financial reporting and audit issues stemming from COVID-19

    Highlighting some of the biggest COVID-19 impacts on reporting and assurance, this guide provides practical guidance and points to useful resources to help you work through these impacts. Whether you...

  2. Steering charities and not-for-profit organisations through the pandemic

    Highlighting common issues and useful resources for those who work with and for charities and not-for profit organisations (NFPs), this practical guide outlines 2020 end-of-financial-year obligations...

  3. Know the early warning signs of a business in trouble

    Early identification of the signs a business is in distress can offer the best chances of survival...

  4. Pandemic highlights capabilities needed to thrive in future

    Chartered Accountants who prospered during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated capabilities that are critical to successfully navigate the future of accounting...

  5. Reporting and Fraud Risk Arising from COVID-19 Pose Significant Challenges for Professional Accountants

    The COVID-19 crisis creates a heightened risk of fraud and improper financial reporting as new opportunities and pressures can arise for both internal employees and external parties. In this article...

  6. Q&A: Leave accrual during COVID-19

    This technical Q&A answers: Should leave entitlements still accrue during the time employers are receiving JobKeeper (Australia) or wage subsidy (New Zealand) benefits?...

  7. Q&A: Stock takes during COVID-19

    This technical Q&A answers: Some of the entities we audit are in lockdown over year end so we will not be able to attend the stock take. Is there any guidance on how to deal with this situation?...

  8. COVID-19: Ethics and Independence Considerations

    Access this practical IESBA Q&A publication: COVID-19: Ethics and Independence Considerations, which members may find useful to understand their ethical obligations under APESB Code of Ethics (all...

  9. COVID-19 Rent concessions and IFRS 16

    Joint submission supports planned COVID-19 related amendments to IFRS 16 Leases...

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A collection of extra information and useful links that further unpacks the range of challenges that you may be facing during this time.

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