Date posted: 11/02/2019 1 min read

Australian Labor Party Policies for 2019 Federal Election

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In brief

  • Labor Party proposed reforms for individuals and business
  • Your one stop shop for identifying the policies which may impact your clients and your business

Tax policies

The Australian Labor Party has an ambitious tax and superannuation reform agenda which it has published in stages over recent years.

ALP modelling suggests that most of the revenue raising measures impacting individuals will affect mainly high income earners, a claim which the Coalition contests in policy areas such as negative gearing and franking credit refunds.

Business tax reforms are largely designed to increase tax transparency and reduce gearing deductions claimed by multinationals against the Australian tax base. Labor's proposed Australian Investment Guarantee has been well-received by the business community because it caters for large capex outlays as a permanent measure (as distinct from the current $30,000 threshold for the temporary instant asset write-off for businesses with a turnover less than $50 million).

Measures impacting individuals (directly or via partnerships and trusts)

Measures impacting business

Measures impacting ATO administration

Other tax-related measures

Superannuation policies

Policies are taken from April 2018 draft ALP National Platform:

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