Date posted: 10/07/2020

Young CA Wellness Series

Helping provide Young Chartered Accountants with the tools for wellness during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Young Chartered Accountants face challenges that are different to many established members and as such, to assist Young CAs, CA ANZ is organising a series of online member meet-ups focusing on wellbeing and growth.

The Young CA Wellness Series is an opportunity for CAs new to the designation, or early in their careers, to hear from experts and connect with their colleagues in an interactive discussion space.

During COVID-19 as a CA, your knowledge, skills and time have probably never been more in demand. Make the time to learn practical tools and strategies to help build resilience.

Below you will find these recordings for your reference.

Being Future-Focussed for Your Career Progression

Recorded 09/07/20

Guest experts:
- Kate Boorer FCA, Founder, Young Professional Women Australia, Author, Core Confidence
- Cory Pearson CA, Insight Manager, Port Otago

COVID-19 and Careers

Recorded 26/06/20

Guest experts:
- Matt Laing CA - Associate Director, Assurance and Advisory, Deloitte
- Matthew Ng CA - Asia Pacific HQ Financial Controller, Microsoft
- Miranda Siu CA - Miranda Siu
- Nita Kusumo CA - Global Financial Reporting, Flight Centre Travel Group
- Shama Ragavan-Iyer CA - Finance Director - Oceania, Hussmann

Self-care and Stress Management

Recorded 11/06/20

Guest experts:
- Krisztina Javor – Corporate Partnerships Manager, ReachOut Australia
- Lisa Mead CA – Founder and Director, SocialCurrency
- Camille Woods CA – Director, Monday Mind


Negotiating Change

Recorded 28/05/20

Guest experts:
- Luke Kemeys CA – Director, nextAdvisory
- Glin Bayley – CEO and Founder, Heart of Human

Dealing with uncertainty and building resilience during COVID-19

Recorded 14/05/20

Guest experts:
- Snow Chen, Senior Consulting Psychologist, Revelian
- Josh Hickford CA, Senior Management Accountant, TSB New Zealand and Co-founder, Ripple NZ

These sessions are intended to provide general information only. The opinions and views of the speakers or participants in this session are not, necessarily, the views of CA ANZ and are not endorsed by CA ANZ. CA ANZ does not expect or invite any person to act or rely on any statement, view or opinion expressed in this session and provides no warranty about the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the session. You must seek your own independent advice before relying or providing advice to others based on this session.