Counting on U

Counting on U has helped the accounting industry support SME clients dealing with mental health issues, and CA ANZ members identify mental health stressors within their own workplaces.

In Brief

  • Deakin Business School’s Counting on U workplace mental health training program began as a research program in 2021 for accountants with small business owner clients.
  • Of the 3000 accountants and business advisers who’ve received the training since 2021, 1,328 were CA ANZ members.
  • Completing the training in 2023 will give you: digital MHFA accreditation – recognised globally and valid for three years - and the opportunity to accrue up to 13 CPD points.
  • As a CA ANZ member, you receive a discount on the program fee.

What is Counting on U?

Deakin Business School’s Counting on U (CoU) is a workplace mental health training program for client-facing accounting professionals across Australia and New Zealand who are looking to develop the skills and knowledge to better support the mental health and financial needs of their clients, as well as supporting their own wellbeing.

CoU upskills business finance professionals by integrating Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training with client relationship-centred communication and interpersonal skills to support the business and mental health-related needs of their clients. 

Deakin CoU was designed in response to a growing body of evidence showing that financial stress can affect the mental health of business owners. The Counting on U program recognises that accountants and business advisers are in a unique position to support clients and is designed to:

  1. Equip you with communication and behavioural skills that build trust and help navigate difficult conversations with clients,
  2. Give you the confidence to support clients experiencing financial and emotional distress, and 
  3. Provide you with the knowledge to support your own wellbeing.

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CoU training is delivered by Deakin Business School’s sole licensees in Australia (Mentally Well Workplaces) and New Zealand (Humanex).

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Training that makes a difference

Rachel Mendlik CA, participated in the Counting on U program. Discover how it helped her expand empathy and awareness in client relationships and a new understanding of the importance of self-care. Watch the video now.  

Naomi Norman CA can relate to her rural clients because she grew up on a property herself. CA ANZ’s Counting on U equipped CAs like Naomi to know how to offer mental health support when times are tough.

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