Strategic initiatives

Five initiatives underpin our new strategic direction. These are priority projects that will enable us to deliver more of what members would like to see.

CA Program Review

A review of the CA Program is underway to ensure it continues to meet the needs of students, employers and the profession at large. The review will look at options for more specialist subjects with multiple electives and more personalised digital learning options.

The entry pathways to the CA Program are also being broadened to attract the next generation of talent into the profession and there will be more flexibility in the overall delivery of the CA Program in recognition of the different needs of different learners.


Members told us they expect tools, services and information to be available at any time, from anywhere. The My CA platform is a digital hub that has been developed to support our overarching strategy to increase the opportunities for collaboration, problem solving and idea sharing within the chartered accounting community.

My CA will enable members to engage with each other more easily, access support and services from their professional body and unlock the power of our connected intelligence. A My CA member pilot is currently underway with a full rollout planned for 2019.

CA Catalyst

During the consultation period, members told us that their world, and the profession as a whole, is changing rapidly, with more diversity and disruption than they have experienced in the past.

To support members through this change we’ve introduced CA Catalyst, a strategic programme designed to enable growth opportunities for members by leveraging innovation and connecting Chartered Accountants with future work practices, technologies and markets.

CA Catalyst brings the profession together with leading technology and innovation hubs to create opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration. These opportunities include immersions within innovation communities, as well as access to training, toolkits and guides for disruption–readiness and practical solutions. Our programme partners include innovation community The Icehouse, fintech supporter Stone and Chalk and established start-up community Fishburners.

Members will have opportunities to build personal and organisational capabilities, explore new markets and services, and leverage innovation to provide greater value for themselves, their clients and their communities. 

Business-to-Business Learning

We are looking at developing an integrated learning solution that combines competency assessment, professional development and up-to-date learning technology.

This will provide flexible delivery options and a broad portfolio of learning opportunities to suit the individual needs of our members at all stages of their careers.

It will also provide employers with a means to invest in the development of their staff through globally benchmarked training, something not all have the capability, scale or expertise to currently deliver.

Entry Level Accounting

Traditional pathways into professions are changing as technology and globalisation impact on the marketplace. At the same time, Chartered Accountants in practice report a need for high-quality technology skills in their workforce to deliver the services modern businesses are seeking.

We will investigate an expansion of the Accounting Technician membership category that is currently available in New Zealand.

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