Gain essential knowledge and skills to provide tax services and advise your clients in their business environment

In brief

  • Develop new technical and professional skills through exposure to a diverse range of practical, complex tax issues
  • Grow your confidence in advising businesses and individuals on how to effectively manage their tax affairs
  • Work towards earning your Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting

Please note: This module is one of five modules delivered in the CA Program's accredited Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting course which is currently in teach out.

Develop the skills to drive business success

All business decisions have tax implications. Being proficient in tax is essential for Chartered Accountants required to provide accurate professional advice.

This course will advance your technical knowledge of tax, and also develop broader business skills in problem solving, critical thinking, research and evaluation.

The tax module examines and applies relevant tax law to various tax entities and covers:

  • Tax fundamentals
  • Trading stock
  • Employment remuneration
  • Capital gains tax (AUS module only)
  • Tax losses
  • International tax
  • Tax planning

Course structure and format

This 12-week course is one of five compulsory modules of the Chartered Accountants Program.

Enjoy supported learning through an online learning platform and interactive resources, including:

  • Online communities where you can network with other candidates
  • Technical discussion forums where your questions will be answered by specialist Chartered Accountants
  • Peer discussion forums
  • Access to resources including a study guide, exam preparation series and materials
  • Real-world worked examples and activities
  • Virtual sessions and recordings which take you through real-world worked examples and activities based on integrated, complex scenarios

CA Study Masterclass

Additional face-to-face support is also available through our popular CA Study Masterclass. These optional workshops can help you stay on track with your learning and prepare for assessments and the final exam.

Extra Study support

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What you need to know

  • Course assessment

    Assessments for this module includes:

    • Three online assessments throughout the module, which makes up 20% of your final result
    • A final open book written exam that makes up 80% of your final result.
  • Prior knowledge

    All candidates enrolled in this course are expected to have met the course entry requirements for the CA Program.

    View Course Entry Requirements

    CA Program Entry Requirements.

    Course Entry Requirements

    You will be expected to have a basic understanding of Taxation from your undergraduate studies.

    Prepare for your course by reading through the assumed knowledge section in the module outline. 

  • Australian and New Zealand differences

    We offer two separate modules for Australian and New Zealand tax.

    You can choose to enrol in either, irrespective of where you live. Candidates generally enrol in the taxation module relevant to the location they work in.

    Both modules meet the relevant education regulatory requirements for the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting.

    There are no additional requirements for bridging subjects for candidates who already have an accredited degree from the neighbouring country.

    Each candidate is responsible for ensuring they have the necessary assumed knowledge relevant to the taxation module selected.

  • Prescribed reading material

    Australian Reading Material

    Required: Core Tax Legislation and Study Guide 2021, 24th edn, Barkoczy, Oxford University Press Australia

    Available for purchase from UNSW Bookshop

    New Zealand Reading Material

    Required: 2021 Tax Legislation for Students (Wolters Kluwer)

    Optional: 2021 Master Tax Guide (Wolters Kluwer)

    Available for purchase from Wolters Kluwer
    Include discount code 'NTAX10' for a 10% discount on online purchase.

Read the CA Program policies

Access CA Program policies to be informed

Program policies

Warning:  This module is currently in teach out and is not open for new admissions. The information on this page is indicative. The module outline for a particular module, location and mode of offering is the authoritative source of all information about the module for that offering. Required texts, recommended texts and references in particular, are likely to change - refer to the module outline in the CA Program's LMS for details.

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