Associate Chartered Accountant

Combine your business and accounting background with practical skills as a trusted professional

Build on your technical and practical skills

The ACA designation is an opportunity to build your accounting and business knowledge and develop professional competence.

The course can lead to a range of rewarding career paths. ACAs works across all sectors and levels of the public, corporate and private sector.

The ACA designation is currently only available in New Zealand.

To become an ACA you will need to have completed:

  • academic study
  • a practical experience program
  • the Professional Ethics (PETH) course

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Practical experience

You are required to complete a year of relevant accounting employment and a year of approved employment.

Each role must be at least 17.5 hours per week for a minimum duration of three months (full time equivalent based on a 35 hour week).

Relevant accounting employment

Relevant accounting employment must provide a depth of experience in at least one of the following areas:

  • financial accounting
  • auditing
  • general practice
  • management accounting
  • taxation
  • financial management
  • treasury
  • academia
  • information systems
  • comparable sub-divisions of accounting

This experience must have been verified by your supervisor or manager and reviewed by a CA who has been a member for at least five years.

Relevant Accounting Employment Form

Download the Verification of Relevant Accounting Employment form

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Approved employment

You also need to have completed one year of approved employment at an Approved Training Employer (ATE) under the guidance of a CA ANZ recognised mentor.

You need to have developed technical competence to an Intermediate level (level 2) in one of the following areas:

  • accounting academic
  • accounting information systems
  • auditing
  • external reporting
  • financial management
  • financial advice
  • insolvency and reconstructions
  • management accounting
  • taxation

Additionally, you need to have developed non-technical competencies to an Intermediate level (level 2) in all of the following areas:

  • teamwork
  • organisational skills
  • research and evaluation
  • decision making
  • exercising ethical and professional behaviour
  • communication and interpersonal skills

The Professional Ethics (PETH) Course

Download the PETH Enrolment form

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Professional Ethics recognises the importance of ethics in modern business organisations and an emphasis that members must act and work ethically.

Professional Ethics is tailored for New Zealand members. The online course takes around 50 hours of online study. We offer the course in partnership with trusted external provider, UK-based Home Learning College, AVADO.

The course consists of one tutor marked assignment and one exam.

Applying for Full ACA Membership

If you have completed the practical experience requirements and PETH, you can apply for full ACA membership online by logging into our website.

To apply online you will need the following documentation:

You must include a Criminal Conviction Information letter supplied by the New Zealand Ministry of Justice. These can be obtained by requesting a Criminal Conviction History from the Ministry’s website. 

If you have lived in a country other than New Zealand or Australia for periods of 12 months or more during the last 10 years, you are required to obtain a police clearance certificate(s) from the country or countries you have lived. The certificate must be a scanned copy of the original that is dated within 6 months of your application. Further information regarding this certificate can be found on the New Zealand Immigration website.

Each application will be considered on its merits and any details of any convictions will be kept confidential.

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