Elective: Financial Modelling

Combine your technical and professional expertise with practical financial modelling approaches

In Brief

  • Use financial modelling to help solve business problems and make business decisions
  • Practise in real-world, simulated experiences
  • Work towards your Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting

Subject description

In Financial Modelling you will combine your technical and professional expertise with practical financial modelling approaches, enabling you to contribute to solving business problems and making business decisions.

You will explore best practice financial modelling principles and develop the skills and knowledge needed to prepare robust, flexible and transparent financial models. You will learn to critically evaluate existing financial models to determine their usefulness and identify opportunities to improve their fitness for purpose. You will practise applying professional judgement when developing financial models to ensure the inputs and assumptions used to create financial models produce outcomes that are relevant and that add value.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to financial modelling
  • Best practice principles
  • Model reviews
  • Design and build a financial model

Subject learning outcomes

On completion of this subject, you will be able to:

  1. Apply technical and professional expertise to analyse how financial modelling can contribute to business decisions
  2. Analyse and critically evaluate existing financial models to determine their ability to produce a desired or intended result
  3. Apply best practice financial modelling principles to design and develop financial models
  4. Apply professional judgement when designing and developing financial models

Course structure and format

This 7-week course is one of several elective subjects for the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting.

Enjoy supported learning via an online learning platform and interactive resources, including:

  • Online communities where you can network with other candidates
  • Technical discussion forums where your questions will be answered by specialist Chartered Accountants
  • Peer discussion forums
  • Access to interactive resources including a study guide
  • Real-world examples and activities

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What you need to know

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