Integrate your technical knowledge and professional skills


  • Develop technical expertise by considering integrating business problems that are layered with real-life issues
  • Develop your professional skills to become a business influencer
  •  Develop teamwork and problem-solving skills in real world, open ended scenarios
  • Work towards your Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting

Please note: This module is the final of five modules delivered in CA Program's Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting course which is currently in teach out.

Integrating technical skills and ethics

The focus of the Capstone module is communicating solutions to complex business problems.

Our Capstone module is the final chapter of the CA Program, further developing your ethics training and other skills you need to progress in the business world with professionalism and confidence.

Areas covered in the module include integrating your technical knowledge, ethics, corporate governance, strategy and corporate social responsibility.

Exposure to these areas will enable you to build capability in problem solving and communication, which are essential to any role in any industry.

Capstone structure and format

You are supported throughout your learning by a range of resources, including

  • Resource material such as module orientation, toolkit, video resources and pre-workshop activities
  • Online communities where you can network with other candidates
  • Technical discussion forums where your questions will be answered by specialist Chartered Accountants
  • Peer discussion forums
  • A course reference guide and materials to help you prepare for exams
  • Three workshops with other candidates to share information and network
  • Interactive sessions where you work as a team on multi-faceted activities based on real life scenarios
  • CA Study Masterclass. These optional workshops can help you stay on track and prepare for the final exam

This 12 week course is one of five compulsory modules and is the final module in the Chartered Accountants Program.

Extra study support

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What you need to know

  • Course assessment

    Your assessment for the Capstone module consists of:

    • Attending, participating and completing two assessment tasks across three one day workshops. This counts for 40 per cent of your final result
    • An exam which counts for 60 per cent of your final result

    To learn more about the Capstone assessment, please refer to the module outline 

  • Prior knowledge

    You need to have successfully completed the four technical modules prior to starting the Capstone module. You will also be expected to demonstrate key professional skills gained through your practical working experience. 

Read the CA Program policies

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Program policies

Warning:  This module is currently in teach out and is not open for new admissions. The information on this page is indicative. The module outline for a particular module, location and mode of offering is the authoritative source of all information about the module for that offering. Required texts, recommended texts and references in particular, are likely to change - refer to the module outline in the CA Program's LMS for details.

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