Elective: Strategy and Performance

Develop and implement strategies that create value by using applied financial and business skills

In Brief

  • Learn the concepts of strategy design and development
  • Present strategy with influence
  • Work towards your Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting

Subject description

Strategy and Performance is designed to provide a holistic understanding of the core concepts of strategy design and development with a strong emphasis on real-world application. On completion, you will be able to contribute and add value to the strategy development process through the application of business acumen and financial skills, providing key insights to evaluate, adapt and design organisational strategy. You will consider stakeholder value that is socially responsible, sustainable and financially sound to develop strategy using the Business Model Canvas and human centred design concepts. You will also create measurement frameworks that monitor strategic performance on an ongoing basis. Finally, you will develop the skills required to present strategy in ways that influence decision making and gain stakeholder support.

Topics covered

  • Modern strategy
  • Business model canvas
  • Evaluating strategy
  • Designing strategy
  • Monitoring and measuring strategy
  • Presenting strategy with influence

Subject learning outcomes

On completion of this subject, you will be able to:

  1. Advise on the development of strategy to enhance stakeholder value in changing environments
  2. Critically review and adapt an organisation's existing strategy to take advantage of opportunities for improvement
  3. Create a measurement framework to monitor an organisation's strategic performance
  4. Effectively communicate recommendations to gain stakeholder support for strategic proposals

Course structure and format

This 7-week course is one of a pool of elective subjects for the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting.

Enjoy supported learning via an online learning platform and interactive resources, including:

  • Online communities where you can network with other candidates
  • Technical discussion forums where your questions will be answered by specialist Chartered Accountants
  • Peer discussion forums
  • Access to resources including a study guide, exam preparation series and materials
  • Real-world examples and activities
  • Virtual sessions and recordings which take you through real-world worked examples and activities based on integrated, complex scenarios

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What you need to know

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