New Zealand Immigration

Assistance with skills assessments for applicants who intend to migrate to New Zealand as an accounting professional

in Brief

  • We can assist you by providing a skills assessment if you apply for a visa to New Zealand using the Immediate Skills Shortage List (ISSL)
  • To get started, you will need to submit an application to prove your competency and formal education

If you apply for a visa to New Zealand using the Immediate Skills Shortage List (ISSL) you may need a skills assessment from us.

To be eligible to apply for skills assessment, you must hold one of the following academic qualifications:

  • A Chartered Accountants ANZ accredited degree. This means that your degree covers prerequisite subjects in key competency areas, and ensures you meet all prior knowledge requirements; or
  • A degree which has not been accredited by Chartered Accountants ANZ, but has been assessed by us as equivalent to at least an AU or NZ Bachelor degree (AQF level 7 or higher) with coverage of mandatory competency areas

 Please refer to for further information.

Please note that all decisions relating to eligibility for New Zealand visas are at the discretion of Immigration New Zealand.


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