Skilled Employment Assessment

You might be eligible to claim skilled employment points in your visa application

In brief

  • You must hold a suitable full (permanent) qualification assessment outcome under the same nominated occupation from CA ANZ to apply for a skilled employment assessment
  • You can apply for a combined assessment If you do not hold a suitable qualification assessment from CA ANZ

Ensure you need additional skilled employment points for your visa application. CA ANZ does not award or provide advice on points for visa applications.

CA ANZ will only consider skilled employment that:

  • was undertaken after you have completed a tertiary qualification that can be assessed as comparable to at least the level of an Australian Bachelor degree level
  • The tasks you perform are closely related to the nominated ANZSCO code for which you have received a suitable full (permanent) qualification assessment outcome
  • was undertaken within 10 years prior to your skills assessment application date
  • was paid and continuous for a minimum of 20 hours per week with the same employer – Irregular periods averaging 20 hours a week over several weeks/months will not be considered
  • was a minimum of one year of employment in total

To determine if the tasks you perform are closely related to your nominated occupation, refer to the Australian Bureau of Statistics occupation definitions.

Only submit a skilled employment application if you have received a suitable full (permanent) qualification assessment outcome under the same nominated occupation from CA ANZ.

If you do not hold a suitable full qualification assessment outcome from CA ANZ you can apply for a combined assessment.

A combined assessment involves having both your qualifications and skilled employment assessed at the same application. However, your qualification will be assessed initially and only if a suitable outcome is achieved, CA ANZ will then assess the skilled employment component.

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Employment reference requirements

To be assessed for skilled employment, you must provide an employment reference letter from your employer and pay slips.

Please note, skilled employment can only be assessed according to the information provided in your employment reference. The following list details the required information that MUST be provided in an official employer reference/documents to assess your skilled employment. If these requirements are not met or are unclear, the employment period will not be considered.

The employment reference must include the below information:

  • Be on employing business letterhead - this must clearly indicate full address (street and PO Box) of the business and any telephone, fax numbers, email and website addresses
  • Be signed by direct line manager, CEO, or HR representative - name and position of signatory must be typed or stamped below the signature. A reference with an illegible signature will not be accepted
  • Direct contact number and email address of the person writing the reference. Personal phone numbers or addresses will not be accepted
  • Job title
  • Proof of service (i.e. exact start and end date). If you have worked in multiple roles for the same employer, the employment reference must clearly states for each role the specific dates, unique job description and corresponding locations where the employment was completed
  • Detailed job description or task list – Duties and responsibilities must be stated by your employer. Generic job descriptions are not acceptable and will not be considered. Ensure that job description or task list reflects daily and monthly tasks you perform in your role. Tasks copied from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) occupation definitions will not be accepted
  • How many hours per week worked in the role and whether the role was full or part-time
  • Whether the role was permanent, temporary or contract
  • Salary

You must provide pay slips - one from the start, middle and end (or most recent) of the tenure.

CA ANZ may refuse to assess your qualifications and skilled employment if false and/or non-authentic information or documentation is suspected. Suspected falsification may be reported to the Department of Home Affairs.

Other accepted documents

If your employment reference letter does not include any of the above information, you can provide the following official documentation from the business:

  • Taxation Certificates;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Job Description;
  • Statutory Declaration/Affidavit - This will only be accepted for job description/task list – If you are unable to obtain a job description/task list from your employer, an official Statutory Declaration or Affidavit may be considered. All Statutory Declarations or Affidavits must be clearly signed by an authorised witness. Please refer to List of authorised witnesses within Australia. If obtaining a Statutory Declaration or Affidavit outside Australia, please refer to an Australian Embassy or the legal standard of the country in which you are applying.


If you are self-employed you must provide a statutory declaration/affidavit with the following information:

  • Details of the nature of your business/company, your position, the type of work you do and how many hours a week you were employed by the business.

We will also require the following original colour scanned documents:

  • Registration of business name
  • Practicing certificate
  • Tax returns of first, middle and final year (if relevant) of business operation
  • Reference from two or more clients on letterhead, stating the work done by your business and the time period your business was employed by the referee.

Review/Appeal information for skilled employment/combined application

Before submitting your review application, please note:

An appeal for changes to/or additional job description/task list provided in your previous work reference letter for the same employment period will not be accepted. An appeal application is available if you disagree with our assessment outcome and believe an error has been made. Please note, an appeal can only be submitted within 60 days from the date of your skills assessment outcome letter.

If you have received a suitable outcome for your combined application (qualification and skilled employment) under a nominated occupation code and would like to apply for a change/additional code for your combined application, please submit a review application for a combined qualification and skilled employment.

If you have applied for a combined application and received a not suitable outcome for your qualification assessment, you are not eligible to apply for a review. We would suggest that you submit a new combined application to have your qualifications and skilled employment assessed together.


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