English language requirement for skills assessment

See CA ANZ's minimum scores accepted from English approved providers in order to achieve a suitable skills assessment.

English test requirements

The English language for migration skills assessment is a mandatory requirement for all applicants. There are strictly no exemptions. All applicants will be assessed against the same assessing criteria.

To ensure all applicants are assessed equally, the English language requirement of skills assessment may sometimes differ from other English proficiency requirements you encounter throughout your visa application process.

You must provide only one evidence of your English language proficiency through one of the following approved providers:

CA ANZ will only accept English test results undertaken within three years prior to applying for skills assessment


IELTS Academic or General training is accepted for provisional skills assessment.

IELTS Academic is required for full (permanent) skills assessment.

Minimum scores for each of the components to be achieved to meet the English language requirement:

     Listening Reading   Writing Speaking 
 Provisional skills assessment IELTS General or Academic   6  6  6  6
 Full (permanent) skills assessment  IELTS Academic   7  7  7  7

PTE Academic

For PTE Academic CA ANZ requires the report form with Score Report Code (SRC). The SRC is 10 digits long and is a combination of letters and number, and was introduced in 2019 to replace the use of the Registration ID. The SRC can be found at the top of the test taker’s score report, underneath their name. The new Score Report Website has eliminated the need for you to assign your scores to CA ANZ.

If your test result does not have a SRC, you can simply log into your PTE Academic account and re-download your score report. The SRC is featured underneath your name.

If you still need to assign your scores to CA ANZ, access Pearson/PTE Academic and type Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand in the field marked “Institution/Organization/Department/School” and click “Search”. PTE results may not be available for verification for up to 72 hours after authorisation has been granted.

Minimum scores for each of the components to be achieved to meet the English language requirement:

     Listening    Reading  Writing  Speaking
Provisional skills assessment  PTE Academic  50  50  50  50 
 Full (permanent) skills assessment  PTE Academic 65  65  65   65


Minimum scores for each of the components to be achieved to meet the English language requirement:

     Listening Reading   Writing  Speaking
Provisional skills assessment  TOEFL IBT  12  13  21 18 
 Full (permanent) skills assessment TOEFL IBT   24 24  27  23 


CA ANZ recognises CAE tests completed on or after 1 January 2015.

CA ANZ requires candidate ID number and secret number to verify results online.

Minimum scores for each of the components to be achieved to meet the English language requirement:

     Listening  Reading Writing  Speaking 
 Provisional skills assessment  CAMBRIDGE (CAE)   169  169  169  169
 Full (permanent) skills assessment  CAMBRIDGE (CAE)   185  185  185  185

Accounting Professional Year Program (PYP)

The Accounting Professional Year Program is approved by the Department of Home Affairs. It is available to overseas students who have an Australian accounting degree qualification as a result of at least two years' study in Australia.

   Accounting PYP   
Full (permanent) skills assessment   (completion certificate and academic transcript)

What you should know

  • CA ANZ will conduct verification of all English language test results through the test provider’s portal.
  • CA ANZ may refuse to assess applications if false and/or non-authentic information or documentation is suspected. Suspected falsification may be reported to the Department of Home Affairs.

Step 4 - Skilled Employment Assessment

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