Register for Mentored Practical Experience (MPE)

Learn about what is needed for candidates, mentors and employers to register for the Mentored Practical Experience part of the Chartered Accountants Program

In Brief

  • To register for MPE candidates must find an eligible mentor and be employed by an Approved or Recognised Training Employer in a relevant accounting role
  • Candidates can register for MPE through the Knowledge Centre on My Capability
  • All employers of candidates undertaking MPE must be approved by CA ANZ as an ATE/RTE Employer
  • Employers interested in becoming an RTE and managing MPE with their in house training should contact [email protected]

To commence tracking their MPE, candidates must be an approved provisional CA member registered for the MPE program. Prior work experience can be recognised to a maximum of 12 months total.

Registration information for candidates

Candidates are responsible for finding an eligible mentor

Candidates must have a mentored practical experience agreement with a recognised mentor. Mentors supervise and support the candidate’s progress during the practical experience part of the CA Program. The ideal mentor is an experienced CA who works for the candidate’s employer. If this isn’t an option, candidates can request an external mentor, as long as they meet the CA Program’s requirements.

Mentors must be either:

  • a Chartered Accountant holding full CA ANZ membership, or
  • a Chartered Accountant holding full membership to a Global Accounting Alliance (GAA) body with which CA ANZ has a current reciprocal membership agreement, or
  • a full member of a non-GAA body with which CA ANZ has a current reciprocal membership agreement

See download below for more information on finding a mentor.

Candidates must be in approved employment

Employers may be either a CA ANZ Recognised Training Employer (RTE) or a  Approved Training Employer (ATE). There are different requirements for each type of employer:

  • An Approved Training Employer (ATE) offers work experience and training that meets the MPE requirements of CA ANZ.
  • A Recognised Training Employer (RTE) offers an in-house training program that has been approved by CA ANZ.
  • Chartered Accounting organisations in Australia and New Zealand are deemed to be CA ANZ ATEs without application.

An accounting role is considered 'relevant' if it involves having a depth of experience in at least one of the following technical areas:

  1. Financial accounting and reporting
  2. Tax in practice
  3. Tax in audit
  4. Management accounting and business performance
  5. Audit and assurance
  6. Technology
  7. Data analytics and insights
  8. Risk
  9. Strategy and performance
  10. Financial modelling
  11. Financial advice
  12. Insolvency
  13. Superannuation

Please note: Accounts receivable/payable roles do not meet this requirement.

How to register for MPE

Provisional members can register for MPE through the Knowledge Centre, located on My Capability.

Registration information for mentors

Mentors are required to register as the candidate’s mentor by agreeing to the mentoring relationship. This is done by completing and signing section 2 and 3 of the MPE – Mentored Practical Experience Agreement Form (see download below).

It is the candidate’s responsibility to complete the remaining part of the form and submit it as part of their MPE registration.

Registration information for employers

  • All employers of candidates undertaking MPE must be approved by CA ANZ as an Approved Training Employer (ATE) or Recognised Training Employer (RTE) organisation.
  • Organisations can apply for ATE status by completing the Application to be an ATE form (see below), and submitting the completed form to [email protected]
  • Employers interested in becoming an RTE and managing MPE within their in-house training should contact [email protected] for more information.   

    Mentored Practical Experience (MPE)

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