Recognised qualifications

Understand the academic requirements to join the CA Program

In Brief

  • To be eligible to apply for the CA Program, you need to have successfully completed an accredited degree with relevant subjects and achieving certain grades to enrol in the CA Program
  • If you don’t have an accredited degree there are options to upskill through additional study
  • If you have an overseas qualification you may still be eligible to join if you meet certain criteria

Academic entry requirements

To apply for the CA Program, you need, amongst other things, a degree-level qualification that is recognised by us, such as:

  • An accredited degree with passes in subjects in the required competency areas.
  • An overseas qualification, plus any additional subjects required to address any competency gaps, gained through an accredited conversion course or the CA Foundations pathway.

If you don’t have an accredited degree, identified knowledge gaps (competency gaps) can be satisfied by completing additional study. This study can be completed through an accredited conversion course or the CA Foundations pathway

While there is a range of recognised qualifications to enter the CA Program, all candidates are expected to have competency in specific subject areas.

These subject areas are determined by the date you started your tertiary studies. Further details can be found in the Required Competency Areas section below.

Recognised qualifications

  • Accredited degree entry

    The simplest, most common way into the CA Program is by completing an accredited degree with passes in subjects which cover specific competence areas.

    Each year, we assess Australian and New Zealand accounting degree programs and create a list of Accredited Tertiary Courses recognised for entry to the Chartered Accountants Program.

    If you plan on applying to the Program this way, you can review the Accredited Tertiary Course section below. It includes details on assessment of qualifications and the application process.

  • Degree not accredited

    We recognise some students and professionals want flexibility so they can change direction at some point in their career.

    Having diverse skills and experiences in the accounting profession is an important part of this. That’s why we’ve developed options for those who don’t have an accredited accounting degree to pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant.

    If you have a degree which has not been accredited by us, you can still apply to enter the CA Program, by:

    • Having your degree assessed and verified by us.
    • Upskilling in required subjects through an accredited conversion course or the Chartered Accountants Foundations pathway.

    Conversion course option

    A conversion course enables you to ‘convert’ your studies to a new career.

    Before starting a conversion course, you will need to apply to have your non-accredited degree assessed by completing the standard assessment form. You’ll be advised by letter of any further study you need to do for entry to the CA Program.

    Chartered Accountants Foundation option

    If you need further study in one or more of the required competency areas but don’t want to pursue a conversion course, the CA Foundations offers an alternative pathway to entry.

    This option is not a postgraduate program but the content has been developed to address the same levels of knowledge expected from an accredited conversion course.

  • Overseas qualifications entry

    If you have a recognised overseas qualification, you can apply to enter the CA Program by:

    • Having your degree or other qualification assessed and recognised as at least equivalent to an Australian or New Zealand bachelor's degree
    • Completing further study to close any competency gaps, through an accredited conversion course or the CA Foundations pathway.

    Assessment process

    To apply for a qualification assessment, download and complete the standard assessment form below. 

    You will need to have your overseas qualifications assessed by us before applying for the Program, or enrolling in an accredited conversion or CA Foundations course.

    The assessment will confirm if your overseas qualification is at least equivalent to an Australian or New Zealand bachelor's degree; and if you have the necessary level of knowledge in the competency areas.

    If knowledge gaps are identified, you’ll need to enrol in an accredited conversion course or Chartered Accountants Foundations units and pass any of the identified subjects. You can then apply for the Chartered Accountants Program.

  • Accredited Tertiary Courses

    Meeting the requirements

    Find out if your tertiary education meets the Chartered Accountants Program competency area requirements by using the Accredited Tertiary Course lists (ATC) below.

    • Select the schedule that relates to the year you started your academic course
    • Locate your tertiary institution
    • Choose your level of qualification from the schedule
    • Check your subject codes and subject names against the required competence areas in the schedule.

    If you have completed an Australian or New Zealand qualification you are encouraged to assess yourself using the ATC list.

    If you believe you meet all the requirements you can apply for provisional membership.

    If you believe you need to complete more study, use the ATC list to help guide you to the appropriate subjects.

  • Required Competency Areas

    What you need to know

    To ensure success in the Chartered Accountants Program, applicants need to demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge in the following areas:

    • Accounting systems & processes
    • Financial accounting & reporting
    • Audit & assurance
    • Business law
    • Economics
    • Finance & financial management
    • Management accounting
    • Quantitative methods
    • Taxation
    • Information technology
    • Ethics.

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