About Michael Croker CA

Michael leads our taxation policy and advocacy work with federal and state governments and regulatory bodies in Australia.

He previously led the team that developed our tax, superannuation and financial advisory services training program.

Prior to joining us, Michael was responsible for the corporate tax law syllabus within PwC Australia.

Michael has also lectured on postgraduate tax at The University of Sydney.

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  1. No easy ways to wind-back JobKeeper

    The Federal Government and Treasury officials are currently grappling with how to wind-back JobKeeper and other forms of COVID-19 stimulus as the Australian economy gradually emerges from lockdown...

  2. Weaning business off JobKeeper part of a bigger reform agenda

    CA ANZ has given Treasury our thoughts on possible JobKeeper wind back options – all have major ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’...

  3. How COVID-19 changes your tax year-end client discussions

    Financial year end issues to consider in COVID-19 times...

  4. Running your accounting practice in tough times (Part 1 – Cash inflows)

    Part 1 - Cash flow: Accountants in public practice need to consider how their own business survives the COVID-19 pandemic. Top 10 thoughts to consider for managing cashflow into the practice...

  5. Cashed-up Coalition aims to entice voters

    The 2019 Budget seeks to position the Coalition government as the economic manager Australians can trust and includes the biggest personal tax cuts since the Howard years...

  6. Labor’s proposed limitation on negative gearing deductions for real estate

    One advantage of being a very old tax practitioner is remembering the heady tax reform days of the Hawke Labor government, the leadership of then Treasurer Paul Keating and the implementation work of...

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