Not-for-profit Board Experience Program

Establish a rewarding new relationship and boost your skills and experience at any stage of your career.

In brief

  • Early to mid-career CAs have the opportunity to observe a Not-for-profit Board throughout 2021​
  • Formal leaning throughout with five workshops with the Governance Institute
  • Board members gain different perspectives and ideas through younger CA participation and discussions

About the Not-for-profit Board Experience Program

The Not-for-profit Board Experience Program allows early and mid-career CAs to learn from first-hand experience by interacting with Board members, observing Board meetings during 2021 and attending formal workshops with the Governance Institute.

Board members of Not-for-profit organisations can build rewarding relationships with early to mid-career stage CAs and have the opportunity to help develop a member’s impact on their own communities.

Program Elements

  • Board Observers

    As an early to mid career stage member, you will be matched with a Director on an NFP Board who will be your mentor throughout the program as you observe board meetings. And you will attend formal workshops facilitated by the Governance Institute while working towards obtaining the Certificate in Governance for Not-for-profits from the Governance Institute, valued at $3,570 (non-members price). 

    During the Not-for-profit Board Experience Program you will;

    • Be assigned and matched to a fellow member who currently sits on a Not-for-profit Board
    • Sign confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements
    • Attend and observe Board meetings over duration of the program
    • Have discussions with Board members on relevant activity and for preparation for meetings
    • Attend five, 4-hour workshops during the program, run by corporate governance experts at the Governance Institute
    • Attend welcome, mid-way and close networking events to meet participating Boards members and peers
    • Present to a Young Chartered Accountant Panel on your experience
    • Present on your experiences to others in the program at the debrief event

    On completion of the program you will be eligible for formal CPD from 20 hours*^

    • *Additional CPD hours eligible for attending Welcome Event, Mid-way Catch-up and Close Event
    • ^Additional hour-for-hour CPD eligible for Board meetings attended

    Participants on completion can progress straight to GIA Assessment (no fee) for full accreditation if they have completed the five workshops.

    Not-for Profit-Board Experience Program Information

    Download flyer
  • Board Members

    The program is voluntary for members who currently sit on a Not-for-profit Board. This is your opportunity to make a difference to CAs looking to take a leadership position on a Not-for-profit Board and provide skills to younger members who want to help their communities. During the Not-for-profit Board Experience Program, you will:

    • Be assigned an early to mid-stage CA who has applied for the program
    • Contact your 'Board Observer' and organise and support their attendance at Board meetings
    • Meet with them in between meetings (either virtually or face to face) to discuss Board activity and prepare for discussions and future meetings
    • Attend welcome, mid-way and close networking events to network with participating board members and peers
    • Support and promote the program within your network

    Mentors in the NFP Board Experience Program are entitled to claim CPD hours for the duration of all board meetings attended by their Board Observer. In addition to this, CPD hours are also applicable for attending the NFP Board Experience Program open and close events and mid-way catch-up, meaning a Mentor’s involvement can attract anywhere from 8-20 CPD hours.

    Not-for-profit Board Experience Program Mentor Flyer

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Apply now to the Not-for-profit Board Experience Program

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"Form a relationship that helps you swap insights, learn new ways of thinking, increase your knowledge and grow your professional network with a fellow Chartered Accountant."

How to apply

You will need to complete a profile questionnaire along with your application to allow us to pair you. Confirmed matches will be invited to a program launch in January 2021.

As a voluntary program, it is free for mentors to apply. Board Observers make a payment of A$2,600 after they have been notified of their Board member match.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I gain from the program?

    If you're looking to take steps to becoming a Board member for a Not-for-profit organisation, an experienced Board member can be invaluable. They can introduce you to governance structures, give insights into Board meetings and, develop your skillset and experience.

    The program will also hone your strengths, expand your professional network, share insights and develop your leadership skills.

  • Why should I become a mentor?

    Mentoring is based on a mutual exchange of ideas and information. As well as helping to make a real difference to a fellow CA's skillset and experience, your participation will connect you with people outside your current network, with alternative points of view and fresh perspectives.

  • Can I do it virtually?

    Regional NSW and QLD have the opportunity to attend the Governance Institute Workshops on a virtual platform. There is no price difference between the virtual or face to face offering.

  • When do applications close?

    Applications for the Not-for-profit Board Experience Program are open between October and November. The program is available to full Chartered Accountants ANZ members only.

  • Who is the program available to?

    The program is available to full CA ANZ members in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and, Western Australia. This program is not available to provisional members.

  • What is the cost of the program?

    Board Observers will be required to pay a fee of $2,600 incl GST. This fee covers the Governance Institute Workshops (5), where upon completion, observers can progress to a final GIA Assessment (no fee) for full accreditation in the Certificate in Governance for Not-for-Profit.

    Payment will be taken once the application has become successful.

  • How many hours during the program is expected?

    Board Observers are required to attend all 5 Governance Workshop which run for 4 hours, as well as all Board Meetings, Mentor Catch ups and CA ANZ held events (Program Launch, Half-way Catch up, Program Close). Members participating in the program will receive 20 CPD hours with additional hour-for-hour CPD eligible for Board Meetings and Board Observer Catch ups.

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