Mentor Exchange

A unique opportunity for early to mid-career CAs to tap into the skills and knowledge of our experienced members.

About Mentor Exchange

Mentor Exchange connects the skills and knowledge of experienced members with those who want to boost their career development. The program is the most traditional form of mentoring experience that Chartered Accountants ANZ offers as part of our Mentoring Opportunities and is open to all full CA members in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and UK.

Why should I apply for the program?

Mentor Exchange is a unique opportunity to learn from a fellow CA, share a close professional relationship and gain insight into new possibilities.

As a mentor, you have the opportunity to make a real difference to a fellow CA's career, connect with people outside your current network and broaden your perspective with alternative points of view.

The program can help early to mid-career CAs establish a relationship with an experienced CA who can help to set career goals, develop your professional and leadership skills and help you to take the next step in your career.

Online or face-to-face?

The program can be completed either face-to-face or online. All members, regardless of where they are located, can participate and enjoy the full experience of the program.

How are participants matched?

Matches are based on a mentee's career goals and a mentor's background and experience.

What is involved?

Applicants complete the profile questionnaire to be submitted with the application. Confirmed matches will be invited to a program launch in February. Program participants are expected to meet four times until August.

All mentors and mentees will be provided with a guide, action plan and relevant supporting materials. Mentors also have access to a Mentor for the Mentor Service.

At the end of the six-month Mentor Exchange, we invite you to a celebratory closing session.


Mentor Exchange is a voluntary program for mentors to participate in. The application fee for Mentees is AUD $165 or NZD $175. 

How to apply

Applications for the Mentor Exchange program are open and will close 31 October. The program is available to full Chartered Accountants ANZ members only. 

NB: When assessing applications, our team may find that applicants are more suited for one of the other mentoring programs. If so, we will reach out to discuss the opportunity further.

Set up for success: Fact Sheets

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