Mentor Exchange

We help connect our experienced members with new CAs starting out in their careers

In brief

  • Mentor Exchange matches experienced members with those who are starting out on their professional journey
  • The mentor can shape the next generation of leaders by sharing their knowledge with young CAs
  • Mentees may be provided with opportunities to help build connections with leaders, benefit from their guidance and grow their professional network

About Mentor Exchange

Mentor Exchange connects the skills and knowledge of our experienced members with new CAs.

Getting involved as a mentor is extremely rewarding as you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on a new member's career.

Mentees can build professional connections and benefit from an experienced member's knowledge and insights.

How to apply

Applications for the Mentor Exchange programme are open between July and August each year, with the program commencing in October.

CAs who have been full members for up to seven years are eligible to apply as mentees. If you have been a full member for 10 years or more, you're eligible to apply as a mentor.

You will need to complete a profile questionnaire along with your application, allowing us to pair you with the right match.

Confirmed matches will be invited to an introductory workshop in October in your local area. You will then be expected to meet four times over six months.

All mentors and mentees will be provided with a guide, action plan and relevant supporting materials. Mentors also have access to a Mentor for the Mentor Service.

At the end of the six month Mentor Exchange, we host a celebratory closing event.

As a voluntary programme it is free for mentors to apply. Mentees will need to make a payment of AUD $165 or NZ$184 wit1h their application.

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Set up for success

  • Mentees

    As a mentee, it’s up to you to get the most out of the relationship.

    Here are some tips for success:

    • Set clear objectives for 6 months and be ready to discuss those at the introductory evening.
    • Rely on your mentor for guidance, not answers.
    • Be open to feedback and willing to take it on board in your work.
    • Try and set up your meetings well ahead of time. Your mentor is likely to be busy and may not always be available at short notice.
    • Be punctual and show your appreciation - relationships work best when there’s mutual respect.
    • Don’t seek different mentors while you’re working with your current one.

    Mentees can claim 6 structured CPD hours for their engagement in the programme.

  • Mentors

    Mentor Exchange is informal and voluntary. While we provide some structure and support along the way, it’s ultimately up to you and the mentee to determine how best to make the relationship work.

    By providing advice, guidance and support to newer members at the start of their career, your role is to help your mentee progress professionally and personally.

    Your mentee will be responsible for setting meetings throughout the 6 months.

    You are not expected to help your mentee search for a job.

    By sharing your knowledge and experience, you will be contributing to our culture of effective career planning and continuous learning. Mentors will earn 6 CPD hours for their participation.

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