Returning to full membership

Things to know before seeking re-admission.

Things to Consider

  • Availability of three CAs to endorse your re-admission application
  • Your CPD activities while out of membership
  • Cost of returning to membership

Who needs to apply for re-admission?

If you were previously a full member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand who either resigned your membership or were excluded for non-payment of annual subscription fees or not meeting your CPD obligations, you must apply for re-admission to return to membership.

If you are a former CA Program candidate (provisional CA), reapply for the Program and become a provisional member before enrolment opens for the next module you intend to complete. Do not apply for re-admission.

Apply for the CA Program

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Three CA references required

All re-admission applications require 3 supporting references from current CA members of CA ANZ. Further guidance is provided in the application form itself.

Requirement to Complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You will be required to provide details of CPD undertaken while out of membership.

Former members who resigned or were excluded for non-payment of annual fees:

If your membership ended within the last 3 years, you will need to provide CPD records for the whole period from cessation of your membership to the date you intend to submit your re-admission application showing completion of CPD which meets the annual minimum requirements for each year (or pro-rated part year) out of membership.

The minimum requirements for each 12-month period out of membership (less than 3 years), is 20 hours, which may include up to 10 non-verifiable hours.

If your membership ended three or more years ago, you will need to have met member CPD requirements in full for the three years prior to your re-admission application.

You are required to have completed 120 hours for the three-year period up to the date you submit a re-admission application. You may include up to 30 non-verifiable hours within this 120. You are also expected to meet the annual minimum requirements for each of the years. There are some differences for members living in New Zealand. Refer to the 'CPD Regulations and Questions' section below for details.

Former members whose membership was suspended or cancelled as a result of a disciplinary decision:

You must provide CPD records for the entire period since your suspension or cancellation.

Former members excluded from membership as a result of failure to meet CPD obligations:

Contact Enrolment & Admissions before you apply.

CPD Regulations and Questions

A member's CPD requirements are fully outlined at the following pages:

If you have CPD questions relating to readmission, contact Enrolment & Admissions before you apply.

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Submitting CPD records with your application

When submitting your CPD records with your re-admission application, please ensure they include the following details for each CPD activity:

  • Date completed
  • Name of provider
  • Description of the activity
  • Number of CPD hours
  • Indication of relevance of CPD to any specific registrations you may hold (if applicable).

If you are unsure of your requirements, provide details of the CPD you have undertaken while out of membership to our Enrolment & Admissions team and they will advise you of your requirements before you apply.

Cost of readmission

Back fees are calculated as 25% of the fees owed while out of membership up to a cap of $2,000. An application fee is also payable on submission of a re-admission application. The current application fee is listed in the re-admission form below.

You can estimate your back fees by reviewing the current annual subscription rates linked to below. If you've been out of membership for four years, then your re-admission back fees will generally be slightly less than the current annual subscription rate. We will calculate your exact back fees and confirm these with you before processing your re-admission.

Current annual subsciption fees

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Membership Tenure

On re-admission, a member's tenure resets to their re-admission date and a new membership certificate is issued which reflects this date.

You may refer to your previous periods of tenure in CVs, Resumes, or in LinkedIn provided it is clear where there was any break in tenure.

Apply for Certificate of Public Practice (CPP)

The re-admission application will prompt you to complete the 'Do I need a CPP?' tool to determine whether you require a CPP. If a CPP is required, you must submit a CPP application along with your application for re-admission.

'Do I need a CPP' Tool

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More information on the CPP

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  • Completed application form
  • 3 CA references
  • Details of CPD completed over the past three years

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