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CA Forensic Accounting Specialisation - Pathway 2

Follow these easy steps to apply through Pathway 2 - Online Course

In brief

  • Follow the 5 steps
  • Enrol with Kaplan

1. Review requirements 

You need to be a Chartered Accountant with at least four years of practical Forensic Accounting experience within the last 10 years, where at least 20% of employment is related to forensic accounting and an additional 20% is related to the valuations field of work.

You will also need to successfully complete the online self-study course or face to face workshop conducted through Macquarie University. This involves an assessment undertaken either by doing an exam or a portfolio interview. This must be completed within five years prior to applying for CA Forensic Accounting Specialisation.

2. Outline your experience

To get started, complete and return the Forensic Accounting Specialisation Pre-enrolment Form below. You will need to have access to the appropriate documents if you wish to enrol in portfolio interview.

3. Enrol with Macquarie University

To enrol in the online learning, you need to use the link which will be emailed to you by CA ANZ based on the review of your pre enrolment form submitted in Step 2.

You will also need to confirm the assessment method of either examination or portfolio interview when you enrol. 

You will need to have access to the appropriate documents if you wish to enrol in portfolio interview.

4. Complete education

Successfully complete the course assessment through Macquarie University.

5. Apply for recognition

Complete and return the Application for Recognition as a Forensic Accounting Specialist Form, attaching references and application documentation.


You'll need to provide two professional references from individuals who can positively attest to your skills and knowledge in business valuations with your application.

Consider the following when choosing your referees:

  1. One referee must be a Chartered Accountants with at least three years' membership who has known you for 12 months or more.
  2. The two referees should not be from the same organisation.
  3. The referees must not be related to you.

Educational documents

Provide a copy of your certificate as evidence of your successful completion of the online self-study course or workshop, and related assessment.

6. Application review

Following a review of your application you will be informed by email if you have been declined and you will not be charged any fees.

Alternatively, if approved your invoice confirming payment will be sent by email. You will also receive the CA Forensic Accounting Specialisation signature banner for your promotional use. Following this, you will receive a welcome pack containing your approval letter, welcome brochure and your certificate.

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