Date posted: 24/08/2021

Forensic Accounting Specialisation Experienced Pathway – Online Course

Follow these steps for Experienced Pathway - For members with extensive experience in Forensic Accounting

In brief

  • Review requirements for the CA Forensic Accounting Specialisation through Experienced Pathway – Online Course
  • Follow the steps for the Forensic Accounting Specialisation and register your interest
  • Submit your pre-enrolment form to CA ANZ, and once approved you will receive a link to enrol in the course
  • Once you successfully complete the course follow the link to the Recognition webpage to apply for recognition as a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist

Become a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist

Download the pre-enrolment form below and submit before the identified date to secure your spot.

Download form

1. Review requirements 

To receive recognition as a Forensic Accounting Specialist through Experienced Pathway, you must:

  • be a Chartered Accountant with at least four years of practical Forensic Accounting experience within the last 10 years, where at least 20% of employment is specifically in Forensic Accounting and an additional 20% is in an area closely related to Forensic Accounting
  • successfully complete the online self-study course conducted through Macquarie University. This involves an assessment undertaken either by sitting an exam or a portfolio interview.
  • apply for CA ANZ recognition within five years of completing study
  • continue to undertake at least 40% of CPD requirements in forensic accounting as an approved CA Forensic Accounting Specialist.

2. Key Dates

2024 Intake 1

CA ANZ pre-enrolment closes

Monday, 22 April 2024

Macquarie University enrolments close

Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Online course commences

Thursday, 2 May 2024

Online course concludes

Thursday, 20 June 2024

Course assessment

Thursday, 20 June 2024

2024 Intake 2

CA ANZ pre-enrolment closes

Monday, 7 October 2024

Macquarie University enrolments close

Wednesday, 9 October 2024

Online course commences

Wednesday, 16 October 2024

Online course concludes

Wednesday, 4 December 2024

Course assessment

Wednesday, 4 December 2024

3. Register your interest & complete the pre-enrolment 

Register your interest now to download the CA ANZ pre-enrolment form to check your eligibility for the program. Submit the completed form to [email protected]

Register your interest now

Register now

4. Enrol with Macquarie University

Once your pre-enrolment form is approved, CA ANZ will email you a unique link to enrol into Macquarie University online learning. 

The course involves an 8-week study period. You will need to confirm the assessment method of either examination or portfolio interview when you enrol.  If you choose to enrol in the portfolio interview, you will need to forward the Portfolio Interview Assessment submission to Macquarie University. 

Online course fees 

Online course including cost of examination: A$1500 incl. GST  

If you prefer assessment by Portfolio Interview, the cost is an additional A$500 incl. GST 

5. Upon completion 

When you have successfully completed the course and practical experience requirements, you can apply for formal recognition as a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist. 

Fees are payable to CA ANZ on successful completion of the course to become a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist, these include: 

  • Specialisation application fee (one off)      AUD$232 incl. GST  
  • Annual specialisation subscription fee       AUD$290 incl. GST or NZD$330 incl. GST (GST pro-rated for the first year).

Apply for Recognition

Have you successfully completed the course? Apply for recognition now.

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Emerging Pathway – Post-graduate study

If you are a CA with 2 years practical experience, you may wish to apply for CA Forensic Accounting accreditation through Emerging Pathway.

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