Regional Councils

Regional Councils act as a valuable conduit of information and views of members in the regions across Australia and New Zealand.

Whether you live and work inside or outside a major city, regional councils allow members to provide input on strategic policy and member issues, and act as a conduit of information and views of members in the region.

On a practical level, regional councils can have a significant impact on governance with functions that include:

  • Providing advice to the Board through the Chartered Accountants ANZ Council and management.
  • Communicate on the Board's strategy and matters of significance for and to members.
  • Assist the Board in raising and maintaining the public profile of Chartered Accountants ANZ in its region.
  • Implement processes within the relevant region to attract and retain suitable regional council members.

To find out more or to get involved, reach out and connect with the regional council in your area below.

New South Wales



Western Australia

South Australia / Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory


New Zealand

Overseas Regional Councils

Overseas Regional Councils represent members outside of Australia and New Zealand and provide input on member issues.

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