Overseas Committees

No matter where you are in the world your views matter, and we give members living and working overseas plenty of opportunities to be involved

Our overseas committees represent members outside of Australia and New Zealand, and it’s your way to provide input on strategic policy and member issues, as well as being a valuable point of contact for other members in the region.

Each committee is made up of between six and nine members from across each region. Together, they represent the skill sets and needs of members in that region, and we encourage members from diverse backgrounds, potentially covering practice, commerce and academia, to stand for positions on their relevant committee.

The objectives of the overseas committees are to:

  • Provide advice to the Council and management on member issues relating to their region
  • Assist the Board in raising and maintaining the public profile of Chartered Accountants ANZ in their region, including its profile with the relevant regional or national government
  • Implement processes across their region that will attract and retain suitable committee members
  • Develop and facilitate networking and professional development events in their region

Take a look to find the overseas committee applicable to your part of the world:

Hong Kong
  • Chair - Travis Huggins FCA
  • Vice-Chair - Samyel Cheng FCA
  • Contact us – Email

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