Cyber security

How to strengthen your cyber resilience and manage a cyber attack

Cyber security is one of the major business risks worldwide, with leaders citing cyber attacks and data breaches as the top two risks businesses face (Aon 2021 Global Risk Management Survey).

Many small and medium businesses (SMEs) face an existential threat from a critical cyber security incident and with the accounting profession growing increasingly reliant on online systems, a cyber security threat is not a question of if, but when.

Here you can find the information, tools and resources you need to proactively protect your business and clients, and have a business continuity and recovery plan in place to respond to a cyber attack. We have also developed a cyber security playbook for SMEs that outlines a four-step approach to improve cyber resilience focused on assessing vulnerabilities, creating a defensive plan, sharing your strategy and building resilience.

The cyber security playbook for SMEs

Learn how to improve your cyber resilience using the 4-step process with recommendations, tools and checklists to enhance your cyber security roadmap.

Download nowAbout The cyber security playbook for SMEs

On-demand workshops

Hear practical advice and tips to help SMEs and practitioners develop a cyber security strategy with adaptable responses, and effectively manage cyber security threats. The sessions includes cyber security experts from Stone & Chalk, Practice Protect, Continuum Cyber, IBM and Dicker Data.

Implement Cyber security in 4 Steps Cyber security: The Role of Finance Leaders

Cyber Security Governance Principles

The AICD CSCRC Cyber Security Governance Principles provide a framework of practical better practice guidance to assist Australian directors oversee and engage with management on cyber security risk.

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  1. Reducing the risk of cyber attacks

    With more business conducted online than ever before, the risk of falling victim to cyber criminals can be high if proper security measures aren’t in place. Brought to you by Aon...

  2. Why CFOs need to fight cybercrime

    Leaders who assume that the IT team will detect and defuse all online threats misunderstand how IT incidents have evolved, which can be a costly mistake. Brought to you by Eftsure...

  3. Three client verification problems

    New Australian guidelines are placing technical and financial burdens on accountants. Lessons from overseas show that it doesn’t have to be this way. Brought to you by Annature...

  4. eInvoicing is not just for big business

    SMEs can also take advantage of efficiencies and cost savings with eInvoicing...

  5. Step up your cyber strategy or risk losing it all

    Australian businesses lost $33 billion to cybercrime in the 2020-21 financial year alone, with small and medium sized businesses the big new target for cyber criminals...

  6. How to prevent scams from damaging your business reputation

    Having good procedures – guided by professional scepticism – that establish expectations can help protect your business and clients against scams...

  7. Submission to the National Data Security Action Plan

    We seek consolidation of the various plans and strategies for managing data across Government that can become the baseline for all levels of government...

  8. Cyber siblings, cyber defenders

    Brother-and-sister cybersecurity specialists Sumeet Kukar CA and Anu Kukar CA are using their CA skills and tech training to keep cyber criminals at bay. They want to inspire other professionals to...

  9. Is my client data secure?

    Many businesses wonder if their cybersecurity is up to scratch. Internet law expert Arran Hunt answers common questions. Brought to you by Liberate I.T...

  10. Cyber safety is common sense

    An extensive range of resources are available in New Zealand and Australia to increase cyber security awareness...

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  11. ACSC encourages Australian organisations to urgently adopt an enhanced cyber security position

    The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has released an urgent alert for all ASIC-regulated entities...

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  12. So you’re hit by a data breach. What happens next?

    Cybersecurity is vital, but businesses must also map out what to do if they suffer a successful cyber attack...

  13. Australian cyber cops’ cybersecurity essentials

    The Australian government wants cybersecurity high on a board’s list of responsibilities, so what do directors need to know?...

  14. 5 cybersecurity essentials for small business

    A cyber attack can be disastrous for accountants and financial advisers. Here’s how you can protect your business...

  15. What today’s CFOs need to know about cyber risk

    Cyber risks are financial risks, so today’s CFOs should see working with IT on a cybersecurity strategy as part of the job...

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Report a cyber security incident

Refer to these Government resources if you have encountered or suspect a cyber security incident.

Australian Cyber Security Centre Office of the Australian Information Commissioner New Zealand National Cyber Security Centre CERT NZ

Strengthen your email security practices

In the lead up to the end of this financial year, protect your private information and that of your customers.